barriers in communication

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what r the barriers


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Barriers in communication : 

Barriers in communication Language barriers Organisational barriers Personal barriers Emotional barriers

Language Barriers : 

Language Barriers Wrongly expressed message Faulty translation Unclarified assumptions Use of technical language

Organisational barriers : 

Organisational barriers Organisational policies Organisational rules Status relationship Complexity in organisational structure Organisational facilities

Personal Barriers : 

Personal Barriers Barriers related to superiors Attitude of superiors Fear of position Insistence on proper channel Lack of confidence in subordinates Shortage of time Lack of attention

Barriers related to subordinates : 

Barriers related to subordinates Lack of proper incentive Unwillingness to communicate

Emotional Barriers : 

Emotional Barriers Premature evaluation Emotional attitude Poor retention of information

Steps to overcome barriers in communication : 

Steps to overcome barriers in communication Clarity of ideas Completeness of message Understanding the receiver Consistency of message Feedback Selection of proper channel Simple organisational structure

Essential of effective communication : 

Essential of effective communication Principle of clarity in ideas Principle of appropriate language Principle of attention Principle of consistency Principle of adequacy Principle of proper time Principle of informality

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Principle of feedback Principle of integration Principle of consultation Principle of economy Principle of proper medium

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