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The legitimate firm at the Law Office of Andrew F. McKenna in Denver is ready to determine the majority of the troublesome issues you have about bankruptcy.


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Are you facing overwhelming debt in Colorado? Record numbers of Coloradans are filing bankruptcy due to a combination of a struggling housing market, predatory lending, credit card debt, unemployment, and the high price of medical care . ESSENTIAL BANKRUPTCY FACTS

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If your debts are overwhelming or you simply are unable to pay off all of your credit card and other revolving debt entirely in a year, you should consider your bankruptcy option. Our comprehensive legal knowledge at the Law Office of Andrew F. McKenna coupled with our vast experience allows us to consistently and efficiently help our clients. Why Hire Us

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At the Law Office of Andrew F. McKenna , you will find a team that is committed to giving you respectful, expert support. We will walk you through every step of the bankruptcy process, from filing to legal proceedings to discharging your debts. Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

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Everyone who files for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the state must use state statutes. While the laws covering Colorado bankruptcy exemptions are regularly updated, the following reflects these exemptions Valuable Bankruptcy Insight

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  While Chapter 7 bankruptcy will discharge many of a borrower’s debts, some debt – like student loans – will not be discharged by bankruptcy. For borrowers who still have debt remaining after bankruptcy, it’s important to focus on paying down this debt so that it doesn’t come back to haunt them with huge interest rates in the future. State of Colorado Bankruptcy Laws

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Develop and stick to a budget After bankruptcy, borrowers should have a clear understanding of what they earn versus what they spend on a monthly basis; using this information, they can create a budget that helps them live within their means and prevents them from accumulating additional debt that may necessitate a future bankruptcy filing . Expert Legal Advice

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colorado bankruptcy attorney Telephone: 303-730-8819 Business Name: Law Offices of Andrew F. McKenna, P.C. Office Address: 3801 E. Florida Ave., Ste. 400Denver, Co 80210 Telephone: 303-730-8819 Facsimile: 303-759-5999 Business email:

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