Surface tension

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This presentation is part of the Comenius-project WATER IN OUR LIVES. This experiment was made by 1st graders (age 6/


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3 rd Experiment March 2013 - grade 1 Germany Comenius-Project 2012-2013 Water in our Lives

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Surface tension We need : a soup plate , water , pepper , washing-up liquid Step Pour water into the soup plate Step Shake some pepper onto the water. Step Dip your finger it into the pepper and water. Nothing happens !

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Surface tension Step Put a drop of washing-up liquid on your finger and dip afterwards with this finger into the pepper and water The pepper rushes to the outer edges of the plate ! Why ?

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An invisible thin skin lies on the water surface, as the water particles stick together very tightly. Rinsing agent destroys this skin. Pepper lies on this invisisble skin. The damage of the skin starts from the place the finger dips in. That is the reason why the pepper “runs away “ to the outer edges of the soup plate. In case of not as much detergent a stabil ring of pepper is formed. Otherwise the pepper will think to the bottom. This experiment shows us how water is contaminated if we add even such simple chemicals! Surface tension

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