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September is here and we are in the last quarter of the year. The festivals are lined up and I’m sure we are all ready to celebrate it with grandeur. This September issue talks about Ganesh Chaturthi, a festival that the whole nation celebrates. This edition also talks about the actress on screen- Anupriya Goenka. And last but not the least, check out some amazing travel destinations.


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SPUNKY INDIAN Delivering a delectable slice of India to the world S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 9 S I G N A T U R E C L U B R E S O R T MICE Tourism In India A S K I N G A N U P R I Y A Heer Kothari in a tête-à-tête with Bollywood rising star Anupriya Goenka G A N E S H C H A T U R T H I Of faith beliefs and rituals T h e i n d o m i t a b l e s p i r i t

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September is here and we are in the last quarter of the year. The festivals are lined up and Im sure we are all ready to celebrate it with grandeur. This September issue talks about Ganesh Chaturthi a festival that the whole nation celebrates. This edition also talks about the actress on screen- Anupriya Goenka. And last but not the least check out some amazing travel destinations. e d i t o r s l e t t e r

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01 06 11 15 20 25 31 Clothes That Sustain Asking Anupriya: The Indomitable Spirit Ganesh Chaturthi: Of Faith Beliefs and Rituals Know About Chef Sidharth Sharma Corporate Chef Saints N Sinners Chimichurri-A Pan Asian Restaurant MICE Tourism In India: Signature Club Resort can be a Hub for Meetings Incentives Conferences and Exhibitions Monsoon magic: Five Destinations to Travel this Monsoon ON THE COVER Heer Kothari in a tête- à-tête with OTT and Bollywood rising star Anupriya Goenka TRAVEL Look at some picturesque destinations to cover during this monsoon. FOOD Know About Chef Sidharth Sharma Corporate Chef Saints N Sinners FASHION All about clothes that are are sustainable and eco- friendly. c o n t e n t

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CLOTHES THAT SUSTAIN Today sensitive brands are making a slow but sure switch to using eco-friendly fabrics that are beneficial for consumers as well as for the environment. The environment factor has hit clothing in a big way with designers and brands going all out to ensure that clothes are sustainable and eco-friendly. Written by Bindu Gopal Rao. Going Green Certified organic cotton is a fabric that is extensively used when making sustainable clothing. Cotton Mul Linen Jamdani and silk dyed using eco-friendly dyes fabric made with fibres of bamboo aloe-vera rose petal milk fibre soya-bean and banana are all eco-friendly fabrics too. All these fabrics are natural chemical-free and hence sustainable. “These have various benefits for the consumer along with being eco-friendly they allow the skin to breathe and give comfort silk acts as anti-allergens and wool is natural insulator. The new brand identity is a phased out approach in which the smallest of details from the embroidery to buttons and collar linings will be made with 100 natural materials” says a spokesperson from WLS. Spunky Indian | Page 1

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Eco-friendly fabrics are not mass produced - hence difficult to source. “Also since they are mainly plant- based we need to wait for the plant to grow and be harvested and only after which the fiber can be made into the fabric. Their limited availability and low awareness among consumers is one of the biggest challenges we face today” says Vaishali Karad Founder and Principal Designer Paashh. Sustainability in fashion is a relatively newer concept which gives us the blank canvas to experiment with different kinds of sustainable fabrics to give customers the choice. “We have an exclusive collaboration with Livaeco by Aditya Birla Group to offer eco-friendly range of styles. Livaeco is one of the fastest growing fibres which comes from nature and goes back to the nature. Reducing carbon footprints Yolo Dress is an outfit of the season which allows us to give back to the nature fashionably” says Aarti Ahuja Head – Marketing TCNS Clothing. Advantages Galore Natural fibers and fabrics are best suited for human skin. “They breathe the most and least harmful to human bodies soft to wear. To safeguard your health and protect against allergies due to chemicals and artificial processes used to manufacture non-eco friendly fabrics it is always advised to go for natural fabrics” says Designer Bhavya Bhasin. Ritu Ajbani Co – Founder Petit Royal adds “organic wool is used in the knitwear that we house which is produced using sustainable farming practices and without toxic sheep dips. We have clothing made from Linen too for kids. It is tougher than cotton requires less water to grow naturally moth resistant and gets stronger after every wash.” Likewise linen is best for summer fashion as it has cooling effect. “They are made from fibers that do not require the use of any pesticides or chemicals to grow. Linen is easy to care and don’t need iron to look good and when we talk about silk is dries very easily after washing” says Ravi Gupta Owner Gargee Designers. Spunky Indian | Page 2 S u s t a i n a b i l i t y i n f a s h i o n i s a r e l a t i v e l y n e w e r c o n c e p t w h i c h g i v e s u s t h e b l a n k c a n v a s t o e x p e r i m e n t w i t h d i f f e r e n t k i n d s o f s u s t a i n a b l e f a b r i c s t o g i v e c u s t o m e r s t h e c h o i c e .

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Spunky Indian | Page 3 C o t t o n M u l L i n e n J a m d a n i a n d s i l k d y e d u s i n g e c o - f r i e n d l y d y e s f a b r i c m a d e w i t h f i b r e s o f b a m b o o a l o e - v e r a r o s e p e t a l m i l k f i b r e s o y a - b e a n a n d b a n a n a a r e a l l e c o - f r i e n d l y f a b r i c s t o o . A l l t h e s e f a b r i c s a r e n a t u r a l c h e m i c a l - f r e e a n d h e n c e s u s t a i n a b l e .

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Spunky Indian | Page 4 Challenge Factor When considering the most environmentally conscious fabrics you have several options and perhaps even more limitations. You could choose to use organic fabrics like cotton organic flax linen peace silk and Viscose Rayonor choose recycled fabrics like recycled PET polyester or fabrics that have a virtual closed loop production process like lyocell. Kanchan Sabharwal Designer Label Kanchan says “the biggest challenge of using eco-friendly fabrics is the cost of the fabric the production time take to weave the fabric on hand looms to reach out to the right market. Dyeing printing and finishing of fabric are other challenges.” The challenges of working with pure and natural fabrics are the delicate nature of these yarns – if not processed/woven with the right pressure and tension these yarns can break. “Some of them which are handspun such as tussar ketia matka jhuri balkal are also uneven and carry slubs/irregularities which while adds to the charm of the finished saree is arduous work at the looms. This adds to the complexity of designing the product as the dobby jala and jacquard is used on such irregular yarns” says Shyamala Ramanan Business Head – Taneira. Designer Purvi Doshi adds “also as it is hand woven it takes around two months for production and then the natural dying process takes a month so overall the whole production time is a big challenge.” N a t u r a l f i b e r s a n d f a b r i c s a r e b e s t s u i t e d f o r h u m a n s k i n . T h e y b r e a t h e t h e m o s t a n d l e a s t h a r m f u l t o h u m a n b o d i e s s o f t t o w e a r . Cost Matters Sustainable brands are generally priced higher as brands are committed to providing garments for which fabrics are ethically sourced with a promise to give workers improved production conditions and pay. Neha Didwania Garodia Founder and Director MI Dulce An’ya says “customers are willing to pay for quality. Our job is to educate them on the superiority of these fabrics. We share how much better organic cotton is for baby’s skin and also how much better it is for cotton farmers and the land they till.”

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Spunky Indian | Page 5 Designer Daya Bansal avers “we try to deal directly with the manufacturers to cut extra margins and avoid mixing in fabrics. Today the consumers are well aware of eco-friendly fabrics the media has played a very important role in bringing the awareness.” Kavitta Darney CEO Founder Foxxy Couture avers “yes they are expensive and we have to explain to people about the positive attributes of the fabric how it is better than the others and since it is sustainable it will come a bit expensive as it lasts much longer than the other fabrics.” C u s t o m e r s a r e w i l l i n g t o p a y f o r q u a l i t y . O u r j o b i s t o e d u c a t e t h e m o n t h e s u p e r i o r i t y o f t h e s e f a b r i c s . W e s h a r e h o w m u c h b e t t e r o r g a n i c c o t t o n i s f o r b a b y ’ s s k i n a n d a l s o h o w m u c h b e t t e r i t i s f o r c o t t o n f a r m e r s a n d t h e l a n d t h e y t i l l . ”

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ASKING ANUPRIYA: THE INDOMITABLE SPIRIT Interview by Heer Kothari Spunky Indian | Page 6 H e e r K o t h a r i i n a t ê t e - à - t ê t e w i t h O T T a n d B o l l y w o o d r i s i n g s t a r A n u p r i y a G o e n k a .

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It really takes gumption to get out of one’s shell and do something uncomfortably cool Anupriya Goenka has been living by the dictum ‘dare to be’ from her girlhood years. She’s left an indelible imprint in the minds of her ever-growing fan-base. She strives hard at putting the best foot forward and does so with panache. Introduction 2013 marked a turning point in Anupriya’s career. She leaped right into the face of her newfound passion taking to the metier of acting after quitting her rather comfortable and growth inclined corporate job. She earned her first break with the UPA government’s Bharat Nirman advertisement campaigns warranting her lead roles in prominent Telegu films. Her appearance as a lesbian in the ‘Myntra’ commercials first of its kind caused a stir.  Bollywood gradually followed suit and today Anupriya is better known as ‘Rani Nagmati’ from the controversial but dynamic Sanjay Leela Bhansali film ‘Padmavati’ and ‘Poorna’ from YRF’s ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. Early Life Born and brought up in a business family Anupriya inherited a mess for a once flourishing trade. She was compelled to run the show as her siblings were preoccupied with other commitments. Anupriya used her management skills to the best of her ability to resurrect the business to its former glory. But later preferred to shut-shop and move on. The Move Being the sole breadwinner of her family Anupriya quickly made her mark in the corporate space. While she was busy climbing the corporate ladder to make it to the top She was introduced to a certain acting workshop. Her interest in the field piked and she took to theatre in her free time. “I was happy to quit the mundane corporate job as my interest jeered towards acting. I was cast in a couple of plays however none of these got staged. But one can only see light at the end of a dark tunnel I gathered myself and worked hard towards having something more substantial fall in my lap.” Anupriya whole heartedly credits Pradeep Sarkar to get her to where she is today. She fondly addresses him as ‘Dada’. His faith in her skills gave Anupriya the edge that helped her imbue fineness in every part she played. ” Spunky Indian | Page 7 “ I w a s h a p p y t o q u i t t h e m u n d a n e c o r p o r a t e j o b a s m y i n t e r e s t j e e r e d t o w a r d s a c t i n g . I w a s c a s t i n a c o u p l e o f p l a y s h o w e v e r n o n e o f t h e s e g o t s t a g e d . B u t o n e c a n o n l y s e e l i g h t a t t h e e n d o f a d a r k t u n n e l I g a t h e r e d m y s e l f a n d w o r k e d h a r d t o w a r d s h a v i n g s o m e t h i n g m o r e s u b s t a n t i a l f a l l i n m y l a p . ”

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Anupriya’s versatility grew every passing role. Today she is considered as one of the better-known actresses in the industry. “The industry has been very kind to me indeed I have grown slowly but surely. I have been receiving a consistent number of roles from time to time and have managed to steer the graph more positively.” The Roles Anupriya has been an out and out family girl. “I dote over my parents and enjoy the company of ‘Sugar’ my lovely dog. I have showed my parents some tough love. But they are very confident about me and know that I will always stand by them through hail shine and storm.” As a person Anupriya is open with only with a select few and totally lets her hair down with them. Being the shy and introvert Anupriya throws light on some of the most awkward moments she braves as a celebrity. Spunky Indian | Page 8 T o d a y A n u p r i y a i s b e t t e r k n o w n a s ‘ R a n i N a g m a t i ’ f r o m t h e c o n t r o v e r s i a l b u t d y n a m i c S a n j a y L e e l a B h a n s a l i f i l m ‘ P a d m a v a t i ’ a n d ‘ P o o r n a ’ f r o m Y R F ’ s ‘T i g e r Z i n d a H a i ’ . On inquiring about the future we learn that this sultry diva hopes to take to more than acting in a few years to follow. “I have enjoyed playing ‘Poorna’ in ‘Tiger Zinda Hai. This is the role that has emerged most beautifully. There is a lot of experience I have garnered working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the sets of ‘Padmavati’ and working with him has been one of the most precious experiences. ‘Sacred Games’ has positively impacted my career in a huge way. We were pleasantly surprised to learn how ‘Criminal Justice’ was received. The unexpected response has propelled the production house to work towards ‘Criminal Justice Part 2’  I have forged very strong bonds with everyone on the team. I have enjoyed playing other roles as well I look forward to the release of YRF’s ‘War’ with Hritik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. The Roles

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Anupriya has been an out and out family girl. “I dote over my parents and enjoy the company of ‘Sugar’ my lovely dog. I have showed my parents some tough love. But they are very confident about me and know that I will always stand by them through hail shine and storm.” As a person Anupriya is open with only with a select few and totally lets her hair down with them. Being the shy and introvert Anupriya throws light on some of the most awkward moments she braves as a celebrity. “I always find myself feeling most unyielding at events especially when I encounter with a social circuit comprising of a respectable lot who’ve made it larger than life in their own field. Sounds rather odd when I state this being an actor/ public figure. However I am exceedingly passionate while facing the camera and find myself at ease with that amazing contraption. It certainly brings out the best in me” adds Anupriya. It is amazing to learn how a device helps someone be totally truly themselves while playing diverse fictional characters. Acting is therapeutic indeed. The ‘Anupriya Goenka’ Spunky Indian | Page 9 I a m e x c e e d i n g l y p a s s i o n a t e w h i l e f a c i n g t h e c a m e r a a n d f i n d m y s e l f a t e a s e w i t h t h a t a m a z i n g c o n t r a p t i o n .

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Being introvert stemmed out of Anupriya’s circumstances in her girlhood years. ‘ Sometimes people think that I am unapproachable owing to my insolent ways when in reality am just shy. But when they interact with me they see a side to me that is completely different and gradually draws them in to garner a fruitful interaction.” In life most of us stumble upon people who typically spell out shades of grey. There are very few who are crystal clear in their approach. Since such a lot is very direct they often get categorized as ‘rude’. “I have often found myself trying so hard to overcome this hitch. But time has educated me rounding my very being to a more mature approach.” The Introvert being Spunky Indian | Page 10 End Note It is indeed a tough world out there and one can only make it to the pinnacle of success with a dint of hard work and an overdose of passion. Even the biggest and most established celebrities work towards striving perfection in their chosen field. After all success has no short cuts. I t i s a m a z i n g t o l e a r n h o w a d e v i c e h e l p s s o m e o n e b e t o t a l l y t r u l y t h e m s e l v e s w h i l e p l a y i n g d i v e r s e f i c t i o n a l c h a r a c t e r s . A c t i n g i s t h e r a p e u t i c i n d e e d .

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GANESH CHATURTHI: OF FAITH BELIEFS AND RITUALS Written by Rashmi Gopal Rao Spunky Indian | Page 11 H e e r K o t h a r i i n a t ê t e - à - t ê t e w i t h O T T a n d B o l l y w o o d r i s i n g s t a r A n u p r i y a G o e n k a .

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There is denying the fact that India is a country of festivals and given that it is a land of diverse cultures customs and traditions there is a festival for every faith season and even agricultural milestones like sowing and harvest.  An occasion to celebrate and bond with family and friends festivals are synonymous with rituals gaiety and of course scrumptious food. One of the most important Hindu festivals dedicated to the God of beginnings Lord Ganesha aka Lord Ganapati is Ganesh Chaturthi. O n e o f t h e m o s t i m p o r t a n t H i n d u f e s t i v a l s d e d i c a t e d t o t h e G o d o f b e g i n n i n g s L o r d G a n e s h a a k a L o r d G a n a p a t i i s G a n e s h C h a t u r t h i . Installation of clay idols Apart from worshipping the idol of Lord Ganesha that is present in each home the festival is characterized by bringing home a clay idol of the Lord specially prepared during the festival.  Hence it is a common sight to see scores of colourful idols lining the streets weeks prior to the festival.  It is not only in homes but also city streets and localities bring in their own idols some of which reach a height of 25 feet and more.  Mumbai and Hyderabad are cities that are known for their awe inspiring Ganesha pandals and idol.  The one installed in the Khairatabad area of Hyderabad is one of the tallest in the country with heights reaching 60 feet and higher Most idols are immersed on the auspicious day of ‘Anant Chaturdasi” which falls ten days after the festival. Shopping for the idol is a big source of excitement and the same is normally bought home by the male members of the house.  Idols that have the trunk pointing towards the right called “Balamuri” Ganesha are considered auspicious and hence is highly preferred.  In states like Karnataka Ganesha’s mother “Gowri” is worshipped first and on the day prior to the festival hence idols of both Gowri and Ganesha are bought home together. Spunky Indian | Page 12 Celebrated on the fourth day of the waxing moon period Shukla Chaturthi of the Hindu month of Bhadrapada Ganesh Chaturthi falls each year either in the month of August or September.  Marked to celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesha the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati the festival also called Vinayaka Chaturthi is a ten-day affair and celebrated with pomp and show across various states in the country. B al am u r i Gan e s h a

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Spunky Indian | Page 13 Elaborate worship On the day of the festival people get up early and after having a bath and adorning new clothes commence the puja of the Lord.   The idol that is bought home is installed in a designated place and either placed on a plate of rice beneath or a red cloth on which some rice is sprinkled.  Colourful Rangoli or kolam is also done and the doors are decorated with mango leaves. The idol is then decorated richly with flowers of various kinds some of which are considered highly auspicious to Lord Ganesha.  These include the red hibiscus flower the flower or inflorescence of the areca nut tree as well the blue Clitoria Ternatea flower. In southern India no puja of Lord Ganesha is complete without the offering of Durva grass and the calotropis procera flowers that is normally strung into a garland.  Apart from flowers 5 types of leaves including ‘bilwa patra’ is offered as well as intricate patterns made from cotton which are known as ‘Gajje vastra’.  The latter are normally made and offered by the women folk of the family and again  is a tradition popular in Karnataka.  The chanting of 108 names of Lord Ganesha is another highlight of the puja along with other hymns bhajans and an elaborate offering of food. Special food offerings or naivedyam T h e i d o l i s t h e n d e c o r a t e d r i c h l y w i t h f l o w e r s o f v a r i o u s k i n d s s o m e o f w h i c h a r e c o n s i d e r e d h i g h l y a u s p i c i o u s t o L o r d G a n e s h a . T h e s e i n c l u d e t h e r e d h i b i s c u s f l o w e r t h e f l o w e r o r i n f l o r e s c e n c e o f t h e a r e c a n u t t r e e a s w e l l t h e b l u e C l i t o r i a T e r n a t e a f l o w e r . Ganesh Chaturthi is synonymous with a host of speciality foods that are offered to the Lord.  The God himself is a fan of foods like modak laddoos etc hence His favourite food is prepared on this day. Sweets like modak kadabu and patole are popular in Karnataka and Maharashtra.  These are sweets which are essentially a mixture of coconut and jaggery filled in packets made from rice flour.  These are steamed either in banana or turmeric leaves.  Motichoor ladoos lemon rice Shreekand puran poli banana sheera as well as payasam are some other foods prepared for the festival. In coastal Karnataka special savoury rice dumplings made from a fermented batter of rice or idli rava and urad dal are steamed in screw pine leaves and offered to the Lord.  Known as Moode Kadabu or Kotte kadabu these are considered very auspicious to the Lord and are also highly significant ‘sevas’ in prominent Ganesha temples like Annegudde and Guddattu Vinayaka temples in Udupi district.

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Spunky Indian | Page 14 Panchakajjaya which is a dry mixture of various ingredients like gram dal sugar sesame seeds and cardamom amongst others is yet another key offering to Lord Ganesha here.  The preparation of chakli or savoury rice flour spirals and laddus of sesame seeds and dry fruits are also special offerings in this region. Twenty-one is usually considered a lucky number and most foods like modak chakli and laddus are offered in this number.  The puja concludes with a grand ‘aarthi’ after which family members take blessings of their elders and enjoy a grand meal.  The idols in the houses are either submerged the same evening or on the 3rd or 5th day. S w e e t s l i k e m o d a k k a d a b u a n d p a t o l e a r e p o p u l a r i n K a r n a t a k a a n d M a h a r a s h t r a . T h e s e a r e s w e e t s w h i c h a r e e s s e n t i a l l y a m i x t u r e o f c o c o n u t a n d j a g g e r y f i l l e d i n p a c k e t s m a d e f r o m r i c e f l o u r . T h e s e a r e s t e a m e d e i t h e r i n b a n a n a o r t u r m e r i c l e a v e s .

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1 What inspired you to become a chef I  guess right from the early childhood I had this inclination towards food.  Even when I was a small child watching my mum create lovely aromatic and tasty food used to fascinate me it felt like magic to me then. I grew up watching her create wonders in her Home Kitchen. This often led to me and her discussing recipes and trying to modify them based on availability of ingredients. It was passed on to be from my mum. 2 Did you go to culinary school What credentials did you earn through your culinary studies I did my three years at Institute of Hotel Management PUSA New Delhi. It used to be diploma course then but has been converted a Graduate Degree programme now. 3 What did you like best about the education experience What did you like the least Oh.. it was fantastic it was like the little Birdie out of her nest from mums kitchen to the professional kitchen it was like a rainbow of colors which were added to my monochromatic understanding of food. Realized there was not just a taste and an artistic side to food but there was a whole lot of science and accounts to it as well. There was so much to learn. Learning is something I really love so couldnt have disliked something. But yes would have been better if I could get more time each day. 4 Would you like to share an anecdote on how did you handle a difficult situation in the kitchen/overall management A situation only arises when we are not organized when we dont pre-plan. Im a hard core believer that good and effective planning can avoid most difficult situations. Rest are accidents and no one has control over accidents but they also help you plan better the next time. Spunky Indian | Page 16 Its important to train your team well and have confidence in them. Stay calm and be integrated a good team can handle any kind of situation. I have personally experienced some tight spots and we have come out with flying colours. E v e n w h e n I w a s a s m a l l c h i l d w a t c h i n g m y m u m c r e a t e l o v e l y a r o m a t i c a n d t a s t y f o o d u s e d t o f a s c i n a t e m e i t f e l t l i k e m a g i c t o m e t h e n . I g r e w u p w a t c h i n g h e r c r e a t e w o n d e r s i n h e r H o m e K i t c h e n .

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5 Describe your usual role in a team centred work environment Do you easily assume a leadership role No individual is complete by him/her self but when a team works like one individual its fantastic. I kind of dont agree to the concept of leaders in a team instead I believe in choreography balancing the high and low notes in your team to produce music that the team members themselves are not aware of And in doing so you have to become a member of the team you got to know them more than they know themselves. Spunky Indian | Page 17 I t s i m p o r t a n t t o t r a i n y o u r t e a m w e l l a n d h a v e c o n f i d e n c e i n t h e m . S t a y c a l m a n d b e i n t e g r a t e d a g o o d t e a m c a n h a n d l e a n y k i n d o f s i t u a t i o n .

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6 What is the concept of the Sunday Brunch introduced at Saints N Sinners There were days when social celebrations called for luncheons and feasts. In Kangra where I come from even today the tradition is alive be it be some ones birth celebrations marriage retirement ceremony "Dhaam " is organized where numerous local traditional vegetarian "Satvik" dishes cooked on wood fire are served till one can eat no more . Though invitations were sent to near and dear ones you do not need one to go to a Dhaam and have unlimited serving of lip smacking food served on leaves by the same Botis traditional cooks who prepared the food.  Come over to Saints N Sinners   In a way we celebrate our Sundays and want our guest to eat their full after all its a Sunday Sundays are cheat days even for people on controlled diets. Spunky Indian | Page 18 7 What do you do to stay current on new trends Describe a few current  industry trends. While this industry is one of the oldest and is ever growing it is yet to achieve its peak. It is imperative that this industry believes in responsible hospitality thoughtful use of plastic and water local farm sourcing promoting revamped and modernized versions of regional cuisines to promulgate and familiarize people of the varied treasures of our cultures and country. 8 When are you happiest at work When I am on my feet and there is a crowd to feed :- 9 A quote that keeps you going. Dont play victim to circumstances you created. 10 Any recipes you would like to share. Cote De Pork is a signature dish that we serve at Saints N Sinners. Recipe image attached. W e c e l e b r a t e o u r S u n d a y s a n d w a n t o u r g u e s t t o e a t t h e i r f u l l a f t e r a l l i t s a S u n d a y S u n d a y s a r e c h e a t d a y s e v e n f o r p e o p l e o n c o n t r o l l e d d i e t s . N o i n d i v i d u a l i s c o m p l e t e b y h i m / h e r s e l f b u t w h e n a t e a m w o r k s l i k e o n e i n d i v i d u a l i t s f a n t a s t i c . I k i n d o f d o n t a g r e e t o t h e c o n c e p t o f l e a d e r s i n a t e a m i n s t e a d I b e l i e v e i n c h o r e o g r a p h y . D o n t p l a y v i c t i m t o c i r c u m s t a n c e s y o u c r e a t e d . I t i s i m p e r a t i v e t h a t t h i s i n d u s t r y b e l i e v e s i n r e s p o n s i b l e h o s p i t a l i t y t h o u g h t f u l u s e o f p l a s t i c a n d w a t e r l o c a l f a r m s o u r c i n g p r o m o t i n g r e v a m p e d a n d m o d e r n i z e d v e r s i o n s o f r e g i o n a l c u i s i n e s t o p r o m u l g a t e a n d f a m i l i a r i z e p e o p l e o f t h e v a r i e d t r e a s u r e s o f o u r c u l t u r e s a n d c o u n t r y

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Spunky Indian | Page 19 Light Weight Range of Body Lotions by St.Dvence

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CHIMICHURRI-A PAN ASIAN RESTAURANT Spunky Indian | Page 20 T h e y s a y ‘ y o u a r e w h a t y o u e a t ’ a n d t h e a d a g e f i t s w e l l f o r C h i m i c h u r r i – M a r k e t i n g H e a d S a n d h y a J o h a r i .

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They say ‘you are what you eat’ and the adage fits well for Chimichurri – Marketing Head Sandhya Johari. Urbanization and flair for Asian Cuisine in Mumbai inspired the owner to think of Chimichurri. It’s a casual dining restaurant in Mumbai serving Authentic Pan Asian-cuisine food in classy but yet so casual ambience. Spunky Indian | Page 21 Mrs. Johari has done her MBA in Marketing from D.Y.Patil Institute of Management Studies from Belapur. She has been in the hospitality sector since 9 years now and has worked with brands like Hakkasan Yauatcha Aromas Café Citrus Hotels and many more brands in restaurants sector. She has a massive flair for this industry and have been involved in crucial CRM set ups PR and digital marketing strategies crazy campaigns delivery module setups and 360 degree branding solutions for the hospitality companies. She believes in today’s scenario CRM is very important to maintain the right connections or to keep in-touch with our guests regularly so as to be on top of their mind always. Dining In is a complete experience that restaurants give to the guests and how to enhance it is what we thinkers do by adding that extra touch to the entire experience. About Chimichurri-A Pan Asian Restaurant Chimichurri a casual dining restaurant serves international Asian food at Times Square Sakinaka. It’s a recent addition to Times Square Sakinaka serving from 20th May 2019. Chimichurri is an all-day Asian diner wherein scrumptious fare is curated from Japan China Thailand Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The ambiance is reminiscent of an elegant old-school bar that adds just the right amount of classiness to a casual dining destination like this. So whether it’s Cantonese baos and dimsums flavorful bowls or mouthwatering sushi Chimichurri is all set to satiate every craving when it comes to Asian cuisine.

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Chimichurri concept is about Pan Asian Cuisine wherein we have brought in together different cuisines like Japanese Cantonese and Malaysian Thai Singaporean and few more. Ambience chosen is like that of an old school bar with wooden look and feel everywhere. It looks classy but yet positioned as a casual dining restaurant because it’s casual suitable for all age- groups pocket friendly with full-fledged bar. The Value for money is what makes Chimichurri stand out from the competition. Its ambience is classy like an old school bar but still its casual dining operations makes it completely comfortable place for all age-groups. Spunky Indian | Page 22 T h e V a l u e f o r m o n e y i s w h a t m a k e s C h i m i c h u r r i s t a n d o u t f r o m t h e c o m p e t i t i o n . I t s a m b i e n c e i s c l a s s y l i k e a n o l d s c h o o l b a r b u t s t i l l i t s c a s u a l d i n i n g o p e r a t i o n s m a k e s i t c o m p l e t e l y c o m f o r t a b l e p l a c e f o r a l l a g e - g r o u p s . Chimichurri is a venture by Pop Tate’s which has strong presence base in Mumbai western and central regions. Considering the trend going on today dining out is no more just occasional on birthdays and anniversaries. People frequently dine out to give their life an element of comfort and luxury. Also due to urbanization people have now started recognizing the international cuisines and also have an urge to try different cuisines apart from North Indian cuisine. Amongst all the international cuisines Asian cuisine has gained more and more preference due to its scrumptious flavors and culinary delights. If you love Asian food but are worried about the cost Chimichurri is the place to be because we shall bring the same authentic Asian food in a classy ambience but in a pocket friendly Way C h i m i c h u r r i i s a v e n t u r e b y P o p T a t e ’ s w h i c h h a s s t r o n g p r e s e n c e b a s e i n M u m b a i w e s t e r n a n d c e n t r a l r e g i o n s .

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Spunky Indian | Page 23 Signature Dishes Chimichurri Sizzling Chicken: A succulent pan fried chicken with house special Chimichurri sauce complimented with pok choy broccoli and mushrooms. Served Sizzling hot... Chimichurri Chicken Dumplings: A steamed crystal Dumplings with chunky chimichurri chicken and assortment of sauces. Chimichurri is brand with Pan Asian Cuisine includes countries like China Thailand Malaysia Japan Korea Vietnam Myanmar and Indonesia. The menu is mix of popular dishes from these countries. Chimichurri

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Spunky Indian | Page 24 China - Dimsums Dimsums are the favorite Cantonese food from China where it has different cooking styles of Dimsums. They are mostly served steamed but sometimes they are pan fried and deep fried too. The most popular style is steamed dimsums which is healthier and flavorful. They are mostly mild in taste where it is served with various sauces generally pungent in taste to balance. They are mostly small bites and are steamed in bamboo baskets which give them different aroma. The dimsums making is an art where it made in different shapes and colors. Natural colors are used derived from vegetables. Dimsums are made in two parts where it has outside coating and the filling. The coating can be made of refined flour or with potato starch. The dimsums made of potato starch are called crystal dimsums as the coating gets clear once steamed. Japan - Sushi Sushi is a Japanese dish made from Vinegared sticky rice with different stuffing in it. The common stuffing done in sushi is seafood vegetables and rarely fruits are used in it It is made with sticky medium grain rice where it is easier to bind the ingredients together due to its sticky nature. The commonly used seafood for the filling in the sushi is Salmon Tuna Squid Eel Prawns and Crab. Sushi is generally added with seaweed sheet which gives the Sushi the distinctive look and taste. The Sushi are commonly used are Maki and Uramaki.  Sushis are generally eaten with pickled ginger wasabi paste and with light soya sauce for added seasoning. The seafood used in Sushi has to be really fresh as it is eaten raw with sticky rice and seaweed. The sushi option is very healthy and sometimes takes time to develop the taste. T h e d i m s u m s m a k i n g i s a n a r t w h e r e i t m a d e i n d i f f e r e n t s h a p e s a n d c o l o r s . N a t u r a l c o l o r s a r e u s e d d e r i v e d f r o m v e g e t a b l e s . D i m s u m s a r e m a d e i n t w o p a r t s w h e r e i t h a s o u t s i d e c o a t i n g a n d t h e f i l l i n g . T h e c o a t i n g c a n b e m a d e o f r e f i n e d f l o u r o r w i t h p o t a t o s t a r c h .

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Hotel chains and Resorts have realized the potential MICE has to offer and are tapping into it by providing various facilities and offerings thus nurturing the segment as it holds a great promise. MICE segment has been one of the premier revenue generating segments for hospitality sector in the past few years. This segment is only growing bigger and better every passing day as industrial impetus and infrastructural growth is contributing to its success. Hotel chains and Resorts have realized the potential MICE has to offer and are tapping into it by providing various facilities and offerings thus nurturing the segment as it holds a great promise. At Signature Club Resort we are tucked away from the city our calm serene environment is an added advantage for any MICE event. For Signature Club Resort MICE business constitutes almost 60 of the total business as most of the corporates prefer our location for their residential conferences and day outs. “We are a first of its kind Club Resort with a blend of city hotels services and resorts facilities our international standard sports arena helps us position our brand as a distinctively different in the crowded market. We offer over 10000 sq. ft. of open lawn space catering to MICE segment destination weddings. Bangalore International Airport is just 15-minute drive from here it gives us an opportunity to accommodate transit layover passengers at the same time. We are planning to extend our indoor banquet facilities which can cater up to 1500 guests at a time also planning to procure latest structures that can be used in outdoors yet providing the same comfort and convenience of an indoor banquet hall. Most of the corporates prefer to conduct their official meetings/ conferences in open spaces and this addition will be the perfect answer. Spunky Indian | Page 26

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We engage and participate in all the major hospitality shows and exhibitions that enable us to stay abreast with latest developments and trends taking place in the industry it also acts as a window to interact with industry experts and create services and offerings according to the need of the hour. In order to promote our venue and keep our guests updated of our facilities and offerings we utilize social media platform to its full potential” Narendra Prabhu GM Signature Club Resort informed. At Signature Club Resort we provide a host of facilities to our guests that are captured below: Spunky Indian | Page 27 Banquet Space SCR has 12000 sq. ft. of lush lawns where any type of MICE event can be organized. Apart from our lawns we are also equipped with 8000 Sq. Ft of indoor banqueting spaces that can cater up to 350 – 400 guests at a time. We are capable of organizing customized major events like product launches music concerts fairs and exhibitions. Jasmine A multi-purpose activity hall that can accommodate 30 guests and is fully equipped with modern audio video facilities is the ideal location to ensure hassle free meetings.

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Spunky Indian | Page 28 Silver Oak A smart banquet hall with fine décor to suit all occasions and gatherings it can hold big meetings and in-door events. The banquet hall opens up into the Silver Oak lawns that can hold a floating crowd of 1000 guests. Meeting and Conferencing facilities: At Signature Club Resort we transform employee into teams over retreats and off-sites. With an array of banquet facilities we can cater up to 2000 guests. Our event management team will make sure all guest needs are taken care as they promise their impeccable service and attention to detail.

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Spunky Indian | Page 29 Accommodation Signature Club Resort offers well-appointed 45 executive rooms and suites. With amenities that suit both business and leisure travellers the rooms are spacious with a mini bar and work desk. The property also has inter-connecting and twin bedded rooms to make group outings and family get-together more enjoyable. Sports Recreational Facilities Swimming Pool – 6 lane indoor heated pool 2 Badminton Courts with Oak Wood Flooring 1 Squash Court with Maple Wood Flooring Tennis Court State of the art Gym Yoga Terrace Billiards and Pool Table Indoor Table Tennis Aerobics Room

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Spunky Indian | Page 30 Food Entertainment Tamarind is a multi-cuisine restaurant located on the first floor overlooking our sports stadium. As a vibrant all day restaurant it offers wonderful dining experiences and Sunday Brunches. Tamarind has a lavish menu that offers cuisines varying from classic Indian and continental dishes well-crafted by our chef. Tamarind Restaurant Courtyard Café This alfresco style café offers short eats snacks desserts and refreshing hot cold beverages throughout the day.  Courtyard Café sets the ideal ambiance – a lazy afternoon to simply sit back and relax or a constructive evening to ponder and brainstorm. Pavilion Bar Pavilion bar a lounge bar offers international selection of beverages - from liquors and cocktails to liqueurs and mocktails. Set in a chic ambiance with pleasant décor and music Pavilion bar also continues to an open air patio and is a perfect place to relax and unwind – from business dinners to that romantic date with your beloved. Reservation and information The property is equipped with real time response for queries related to bookings and general information. The website gives out all the necessary information about the property i.e. number of rooms sport facilities gymnasium tariff etc. we keep it seamless and are constantly updating it with various on-going promotions.

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MONSOON MAGIC: FIVE DESTINATIONS TO TRAVEL THIS MONSOON Spunky Indian | Page 31 Written by Rashmi Gopal Rao.

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Spunky Indian | Page 32 Nothing quite compares to the beauty of the land after the first rains.  The earthy aroma of wet soil water splashed trees and rain kissed mountains and valleys make for a sight quite like none other.  Just sitting back watching the rains caress the parched land and listening to the sound of the gentle winds along with the “pitter patter” of raindrops is certainly a rejuvenating experience.  There are several destinations in India whose charm comes alive during the monsoon months of June July August and September. With landscapes becoming more invigorating water bodies becoming fuller and waterfalls coming alive monsoons are the best time to savour the beauty of some exotic lands.  Here is a look at some picturesque destinations to cover during this monsoon. Often called the Scotland of India Coorg is one of the most scenic hill stations of South India.  Located about 275 km from Bangalore Coorg is a land of fertile green landscapes waterfalls coffee plantations and delectable cuisine.  With breath taking vistas and enchanting flora and fauna monsoons are a perfect time to visit this beautiful hill station.  During this time make sure you visit the stunning Irupu falls which is in full glory during the monsoons.  Also called the Lakshmana Thirtha falls the stream is a tributary of the Cauvery that flows down the Brahmagiri peaks.  The Harangi dam and Chelavara falls are yet other places of interest that can one can marvel at during the rains.  Apart from these attractions a quiet getaway among the coffee plantations in the lap of nature is sure to drive away the urban boredom. C o o r g C o o r g i s a l a n d o f f e r t i l e g r e e n l a n d s c a p e s w a t e r f a l l s c o f f e e p l a n t a t i o n s a n d d e l e c t a b l e c u i s i n e .

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Spunky Indian | Page 32 Known for its backwaters and tranquil scenery Alleppey which lies about 600 km from Bangalore is a popular tourist destination.  Given that the beauty of the place has a quality that is almost divine in the monsoons a visit to Alleppey during the rainy season is a must do.  Often called Venice of the East a houseboat cruise along the palm fringed backwaters of Alleppey involves navigating a labyrinth of interconnected canals and water pathways.  With lush green paddy fields in full glory during the monsoons a cruise on the traditional house boats called Kettuvallams cannot any better.  With the houseboats offering luxurious facilities it is one of most romantic ways to celebrate the monsoons A l l e p p e y O f t e n c a l l e d V e n i c e o f t h e E a s t a h o u s e b o a t c r u i s e a l o n g t h e p a l m f r i n g e d b a c k w a t e r s o f A l l e p p e y i n v o l v e s n a v i g a t i n g a l a b y r i n t h o f i n t e r c o n n e c t e d c a n a l s a n d w a t e r p a t h w a y s .

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Spunky Indian | Page 30 Yet another splendid hill station Kodaikanal whose name translates into Gift of the Forest is fondly called the Princess of Hill stations.  Located about 500 km from Bangalore Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is replete with deep valleys breath taking views mysterious forests and majestic hills.  If you are lover of nature which is at its bewitching best during the rains Kodaikanal has to be on your list of monsoon getaways.  The lovely Berijam lake of the hill station the gorgeous waterfalls including the Bear Shola falls Fairy falls etc and vantage points like the Dolphin’s nose are a treat to watch in the season.  Unwind in the midst of nature as you walk along the picturesque Bryant part and Coakers’ walk. K o d a i k a n a l I f y o u a r e l o v e r o f n a t u r e w h i c h i s a t i t s b e w i t c h i n g b e s t d u r i n g t h e r a i n s K o d a i k a n a l h a s t o b e o n y o u r l i s t o f m o n s o o n g e t a w a y s . Spunky Indian | Page 33

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Spunky Indian | Page 34 Just under 400 km from Bangalore is located Pollachi a town in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu.  Known for its verdant greenery paddy fields and coconut groves Pollachi is famous for being one of the largest markets for both jaggery and cattle.  Blessed with a pleasant climate and some wonderful sights spanning nature and wildlife the landscape of Pollachi witnesses a magical transformation during the rains that makes it an alluring place to visit.  Close to Pollachi is the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary which is a Tiger reserve as well as the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary that are a haven for nature lovers. Valaparai known for its tea gardens is an utterly beautiful hill station that offers some compelling vistas and viewpoints.  The region also has several dams such as the Azhiyar Dam and the Solaiyar Dam that are one of the largest rock dams in India and are resplendent in the monsoons. P o l l a c h i V a l a p a r a i k n o w n f o r i t s t e a g a r d e n s i s a n u t t e r l y b e a u t i f u l h i l l s t a t i o n t h a t o f f e r s s o m e c o m p e l l i n g v i s t a s a n d v i e w p o i n t s .

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Spunky Indian | Page 35 Often dubbed as the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh Araku is a pristine hill station nestled in the Eastern Ghats. Located about 115 km from Vishakapatnam it is a land known for its coffee plantations and waterfalls. The Anantagiri and Sunkarimetta regions are reserved forests that are seats of diverse biodiversity. Replete with waterfalls Araku valley offers a perfect retreat from the chaos of the city. Travelling by train from Vizag to Araku is a great idea with the train snaking through a number of tunnels and passing by innumerable fresh water streams. A r a k u V a l l e y O f t e n d u b b e d a s t h e O o t y o f A n d h r a P r a d e s h A r a k u i s a p r i s t i n e h i l l s t a t i o n n e s t l e d i n t h e E a s t e r n G h a t s .

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DREAM WITHOUT FEAR. LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS. S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 9 E D I T I O N D e s i g n e d b y w w w . l o n e l y c a n o p y . c o m

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