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We have the best yoga studio located in Boca Raton. Unite with our yoga studio and satisfy your life and sound for future. Various sorts yoga classes available at our yoga studio.


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Burn Calories at Boca Raton Yoga Studio

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Restorative Kripalu -style classes, where you spend most of your time lying on the mat, will burn fewer calories than faster-paced classes of more intense styles like Ashtanga , Vinyasa , or Jivamukti …..

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In these classes, you spend most of the class doing standing postures. If your studio schedule is organized by levels rather than styles, choose the higher number classes such as level two or three…

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The more you’re moving, the more calories you’re burning. Hot hatha yoga class is performed in a hot room and can also increase the amount of calories being burned, with the additional benefit of sweating out some excess water weight …

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At Boca Raton Yoga Studio, The longer you sweat it out, the more calories you’ll likely burn. Choose 90-minute classes (403 calories burned) over those that are 60 minutes (269 calories burned) or 45 minutes (202 calories burned).

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