Bamboo Lunch Box - Bamboo Straws, Kids Dinner Set


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Ningbo Aveco Import and Export Co. Ltd. manufacture a variety of products like bamboo lunch box, bamboo travel mug, bamboo straws, bamboo toothbrush, kids dinner set and bamboo plates etc.


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Welcome To NINGBO AVECO IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.LTD Aveco – Best Bamboo Products Manufacturer Ningbo Aveco Import and Export Co. Ltd. is a best bamboo cup manufacturer. Their biodegradable bamboo fiber products are best in the whole world and they are specialized in manufacturing them. Best Reusable Coffee Cup can be bought from them. These cups can be used both for personal as well as for commercial purposes. They basically focus on making products by adding the essence of nature. They never use any chemicals and toxic material for manufacturing their products and this process is completely natural. Their specialty is Best Reusable Bamboo Cup Coffee Cup. They manufacture a variety of products like bamboo lunch box bamboo travel mug bamboo straws bamboo toothbrush kids dinner set and bamboo plates etc. They give their customers number of choices to choose from. They provide all of their products in affordable prices. They believe in providing quality and their priority is to quench the needs of their customers like need of to maintain the connection with the nature.

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If your love for coffee is at extreme level then you can choose Bamboo Travel Mug. This cup is totally made from natural materials so will never harm your body in any way. This mug is made from bamboo fibre and this keeps your hot coffee hot. As this product is made from natural bamboo fibre then this will not contaminate the environment when it get disposed of. This company also offers other products like Bamboo plates Bamboo Coffee Cup Kids Dinner set and many more items like them. They manufacture them in such a way that they can be used on daily basis. They provide their products in variety of colors designs and prices are so low. Even prices are so affordable that anyone can purchase them for their usage. They give you multiple choices to choose from. Some of their products like Bamboo Coffee Cup are so best and are used frequently by their coffee lover customers. The material used is quality and act as insulator. It does not let coffee to cool down in a short while.

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Contact Us: Business Name: NINGBO AVECO IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.LTD Contact Person: Sandra Country/Region: China Street Address: Room 907-1 Longxing Building No.538 Songjiang Middle Road Zhonghe Street 315100 Ningbo Zhejiang City: Ningbo State: Zhejiang Postal Code: 315105 Phone No: +8613095916115 Email Address: Website: Thank You

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