The Use of Plastic Machineries


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Plastic equipment is the most commonly used manufacturing processes in today’s generation. If you will pay attention to your surroundings, you probably notice that there are dozens of plastics equipment parts. Plastiwin buy and sells their inventory of unused and used plastics equipment. Plastics machinery includes blow molding, dryers, single and twin screw extruders, mixers and so on.


Blow molding This is a manufacturing process which hollow plastic parts are formed such as containers. Blow molding accomplishes two steps which are a fabrication of a starting tube of molten plastic called a parison (same as glass-blowing) and inflation of the tube to its desired final shape. In addition, blow moldings have three main types. The extrusion blow molding –used in many different polymers such as polyethylene, polyvinyl and polypropylene. Injection blow molding –used for production of large quantities hollow plastics. Injection stretch blow molding –used for producing items of excellent visual and dimensional quality. The technology is borrowed from glass industry which plastics compete in the disposable bottle market.


Dryers A manufacturing process used to remove moisture that is been absorbed of either surface of plastic pallets or plastics pallets internal structure before they off to injection molding machine to make parts. Drying is done to make good quality parts.


Single screw extrusion The main goal of this is to build pressure in a polymer melt so that it can be extruded from a die or through injected into a mold. Based on the desired shape, dies can be customized to create specific results although it leads to low efficiency and effectiveness. However, single screw extrusion is more affordable and economical to operate.


Twin Screw extrusion The main goal of it is for mixing, compounding or reacting polymeric materials. This machinery can be counter and co-rotating, intermeshing or non-intermeshing in relation to basic design. Compare to single screw extrusion, in here, you need a high amount of investment. However, this is more productive, more advanced and more extensive application which gives you a higher level of flexibility in terms of production.


Mixer Mixing has three main equipment, where it is a liquid mixer, power, and particle mixers and the dough and paste mixers and the easiest way to classify the mixer are the divide them accordingly to where they belong. Plastiwin’s used plastics equipment is very useful for everyone’s plastic processing needs. They can enhance used plastics equipment efficiently according to your needs.


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