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Bali legal provides Best lawyer service in Bali. We are mainly focused on business law, family law, insurance defence and more. Get the appropriate answer from our expert attorneys at


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About Us - Azalee Bali Legal Consultant We believe that everyone deserves simple and affordable access to legal argumentative essay topics for college students services. As part of this mission, Everyday Law helps you identify the little and big ways the law can make your life better. Find tips you can understand about timely legal topics, and learn how people like you manage their issues. Website: Email:

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When Do I Need A Lawyer? Many people believe they need an attorney’s services only to solve a problem or to get out of a difficult situation. Often‚ the best time to see an attorney is not when you are in legal trouble but before that trouble occurs. Preventive law is one of the most valuable services that a lawyer can perform. By eliminating potential problems, preventive law can save you time‚ money‚ and needless worry.

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Accounting & Tax Consultant Access to finance, accounting and tax expertise can mean the difference between a thriving organization and a company at risk. Accounting and Taxes Services : To make Financial Report. To review/audit Financial Report. Tax Consultation Services. Tax Compliance Services. Tax Planning. Tax Review. Tax Assessment Assistant. Tax Objection. Tax Appeal. Tax Refund (Restitution). Tax Administration Services.

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Company Law – Bali Legal Our corporate law practice includes forming local company and their permits; preparing General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPS) or Circular Resolution to change the Articles of Association (Anggaran Dasar Perusahaan); handling the process of Merger and Acquisition, Consolidation as well Liquidation. Our offices also frequently gives advice to shareholders and directors regarding their rights and liabilities. International Trade Franchising Distribution Labeling Competition Law / Anti Trust Licensing Intellectual Property Trademark Registration License Agreement

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What Does Family Law Cover? Civil procedures and legal matters involving family members’ financial responsibilities, custodial rights, eligibility, and other obligations generally fall under the family law category. Domestic violence and child abuse are included in this section, although they are criminal matters. The following is a list of family law topics:

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What Do The Attorney Set Their Fees? Legal fees are set and determined by an agreement or contract between the attorney and the client. The agreement as to what the attorney is to do and how much the client is to pay may be oral or in writing. The amount of time spent on your problem The attorney’s ability, experience, and reputation The results obtained Overhead costs such as secretarial and para -professional assistance‚ investigators‚ and other personnel Your ability to pay

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Litigation Service - Bali Legal The services of legal assistance (“Litigation”) handled and organized by the Law Office in order to represent and defend the interest of the First Party in relation to any civil or criminal cases settled before the court of law or the settlement of extra judicial (National Board of Indonesian Arbitration/BANI) including but without limitation to the application.

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Notary Service - Bali Legal We specialise in land matters and by virtue of our property expertise and fluency in written and spoken English, have extensively assisted foreign property investors in Bali. Our Services : Employment – Immigration, including foreign work permit license (KITAS) Legal translation (English to Indonesian, vv) Notarization of documents, including witnessing execution of legal documents, affidavit of foreign law

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Real Estate Service – Bali Legal Purchasing a condominium, home and/or land in Bali is an attractive prospect for many non-Indonesian citizens. Although nationality restrictions mean stricter requirements are placed on land and condominium ownership for foreigners, it is still possible for foreign nationals to acquire houses, condominiums and, to a limited extent, land. Our real estate lawyers specialize in Bali real estate law and have decades of experience assisting foreign nationals in Indonesia.

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Contact Us - Bali Legal Office Address: Jl. Kuwum II No. 18 X - Kerobokan – Kuta Utara - Badung - Bali 80361 Phone: +62817351699 Email: Website:

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