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No matter what we sell, what matter is how we sell SALES MANTRA

* Most Important Don’t Sell Product :

* Most Important Don’t Sell Product


For what you are working? What Vs why Mind Expansion

It could be…….:

It could be……. No Need No Money No Urgency No Desire No Trust

Sales Statistics…. :

Sales Statistics…. 48 % of sales people never follow up with a prospect. 25 % of sales people make a second contact and stop . 12 % of sales people only make three contact and stop . Only 10 % of sales people make more than three contacts . But Fact Is: 2 % sales comes from first contact. !!!!!! 3 % sales comes from second contact.!!!!!!! 5% sales comes from third contact.!!!!!!!!! 10 % sales comes from fourth contact.!!!!!!! But ……80 % sales comes from fifth to twelfth contact

From Conservative into Contemporary :

From Conservative into Contemporary

Prospecting – find the man with the problem. :

Prospecting – find the man with the problem. CREATE NEED Men vs Women

Be a Good Customer :


I N T R O S P E C T I O N :

I N T R O S P E C T I O N Deepest leads Highest (Network)

Power of Communication (what you avoid will avoids you):

Power of Communication ( what you avoid will avoids you ) 55 % PHYSIOLOGY 38 % VOICE TONES Just 7 % WORDS

How to Execute :

How to Execute


Prospecting Identifying and Qualifying Pre approach and call planning Presentation approach and demonstration Handling of Objections The close Follow up

Area that focus…….:

Area that focus…….

Changes in Distribution Channel :

Changes in Distribution Channel Shift from Place to Space (No intermediations) Second youngest country in terms of internet usage. ¾ of Indians using Smart Phone (10 Crore Every Year) After demonistation Credit/Debit card usage increased 3%. At present 5 crore customers for E-commerce , it will be 32 crore in 2020. (gen y will be the biggest Sources) India shifted From Mobile Driven to App Driven Economy. ( world wide 68 % of the consumers willing to purchase through App) Mobile wallet market 154 crore, but in 2021-22 it will be 30 Thousand Crore. (38 % of the payment only through MW). Total form of degicurrency. (Sweden = 97 %)

Changes in Consumer Behaviour:

Changes in Consumer Behaviour Failure of Traditional Components. High Impulse Purchase. Consumers become fastidious.

Competition :

Competition 92 % of the Indian new products/ services failed every year. Branding? (India's global contribution is less than 7%) Lack of Technology (42 % of ATM’s are ineffective) Lack of Infrastructure (eg…18,452 Rurals didn’t had electricity facility).

Changes in Industry Regulation:

Changes in Industry Regulation India become 5 th Powerful Economy (if our economy rate steadily between 7-9 % Streamline economic Imbalance (1% = 70%) Need of holistic Development (eg…. Still 25 lakhs of Indians begging & 30 Crore people don’t have bank account) Strengthening the foundations of the industry system Streamlining procedures Upgrading technology and human resource development Structural changes in the system

Thank You:

Thank You Dr.S.Balamurugan - Faculty Periyar Institute of Management Studies Periyar University . 999 44 77 858

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