Chapter 5.2 Ratification of the Constitution

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Bellringer 9/18:

Bellringer 9/18 Write the following question and the CORRECT answer into your notebook on your bellringer page: The Constitution was signed by 39 delegates (who are referred to as the framers of the constitution), including Benjamin Franklin, James Madison on October 15, 1798 c. September 17, 2012 September 17, 1787 d. November 4, 1787

Federalist vs. Antifederalist:

Federalist vs. Antifederalist Chapter 5.2

The Constitution:

The Constitution Delegates of the Constitutional Convention voted on the Constitution in 1787 However, for it to be official it had to be ratified ,or approved by at least 9 of the 13 states Only those states that ratified the constitution, would be part of the new nation. …. The fight begins


Federalists Supported the Constitution and wanted a strong national government Reasons for support Protect the States Maintain Order Regulate Trade Protect citizen’s rights


Anti-Federalists Opposed the Constitution and wanted a WEAK National government and STRONG state governments Reasons: Politicians could be closer to the people they represent Protect people’s liberties Limit the abuse of power Anti-federalists feared the “necessary and proper” clause Anti-Federalist argued that a Bill of Rights needed to be included in the Constitution

Patrick Henry’s View Revolutionary War Hero:

Patrick Henry’s View Revolutionary War Hero “Mr. Chairman, the necessity for a bill of rights appears to me to be greater in this government that every it was in any government before…All rights not expressly reserved to the people are relinquished [given up] to rulers” Judging from this quote, was Patrick Henry a Federalist or an Anti-federalist?

Federalist Papers:

Federalist Papers Written by pro-Constitutionalists: James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay Essays written in newspapers to support the ratification of the Constitution


Ratification N ew Hampshire was the 9 th state to ratify the Constitution in June 1788 making the Constitution official

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