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Human Resource Management : 

Human Resource Management

What is HRM? : 

What is HRM? The Employment, training and development of an organization’s workforce so that it is effective and efficient.

Where does it all start? : 

Where does it all start? Setting a strategic plan. Identifying Strategic goals and objectives. Drawing an organizational structural chart. Writing the Job description. Setting the Job specifications. Recruiting. Training. Maintaining workforce.

Main purposes of HRM : 

Main purposes of HRM Providing Skilled employees. Controlling employment costs. Reacting to change.

Providing Skilled Employees : 

Providing Skilled Employees Determining HR needs. Recruiting and selecting employees.

How do Vacancies Occur? : 

How do Vacancies Occur? New project with new needs. Employees leaving: Retirement. Another job. Employee promotion. Increased workload. New demands requiring different skills. Future projects.

Controlling the Costs : 

Controlling the Costs Wages and Salaries. Benefits. Support Costs: Recruiting. Training. Developing. Uniforms. Company cars. Tools to perform the Job. HR Costs. Social costs. Governmental costs. Taxes and Social Security. Health insurance and safety.

Reacting effectively to change : 

Reacting effectively to change Social. Technological. Environmental. Legal. Economical. Political. Communication, Involvement, Training and Development.

HRM Approaches : 

HRM Approaches Centralized Vs. Decentralized.

HRM Functions : 

HRM Functions

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