Clean Up Your Badlinks with Professional Backlink Monitoring Service


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Keep track of your badlinks and disavow the spam links with an expert manual back link auditor of and revoke google’s manual webspam action


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BadLinkMonitor – Remove unnatural Links to Your Website:

BadLinkMonitor – Remove unnatural Links to Your Website

Why We Need Backlinks?:

Why We Need Backlinks ? Backlinks are the most important aspect in any internet business. Search engines loves backlinks. It is one of the ranking factors of any website. It improves the site’s visibility. The more quality backlinks, the better visibility in search engines You know? It can hurt your ranking, if not maintained properly.

YES or NO?:

YES or NO? Have you ever bought paid links? Have you witnessed a sudden drop in traffic? Does your competitor point spammy links to your site? Received any peculiar link warning from Google? Have you done Article Marketing? When you are actively engaged in a link building campaign.


YES? Answered YES to any of those questions? Then your website needs backlink monitoring. Clean up your badlinks and disavow with an expert of, who understands your website, industry and visitors.

Why do you need backlink monitoring?:

Why do you need backlink monitoring? It is nearly impossible for a website to get only quality backlinks. Received spam and bad links need to be filtered and removed. Websites can not survive in this Google era, if the existing backlinks are not monitored. Penguin 2.1 have hit your website. You may have received manual webspam action from Google.

Online vs Manual Monitoring?:

O nline vs Manual Monitoring? Manual monitoring can filter all the bad links to your site. All badlinks will be removed. Online tools can skip few harmful links. The badlinks can be still left out .

Path to Recovery:

Path to Recovery Analyzing your backlinks and removing the badlinks includes several stages. Download Links Identify Site Wide links Backlink Audit Mailing site owners Remainder Mail Send Disavow and Reconsideration Request Continuous monitoring

Step I: Download Backlinks:

Step I: Download Backlinks Google Webmaster tool contains list of links that points to your website. With the access to Webmaster tool, we download all the links as a spreadsheet .

Step II: Identify Unique Domain & Sitewide domains:

Step II: Identify Unique Domain & Sitewide domains The links from unique domains and sitewide backlinks are filtered out separately. The unique links are filtered from the large quantity of links and created in new list.

Step III: Backlink Audit:

Step III: Backlink Audit The IP address of filtered backlinks are collected. Backlinks are identified if they are from, Article Directories Paid Sites Network Sites Same Class C IP’s Lean Content Other Language sites Irrelevant sites Low quality Sites

Step IV: Mailing Site Owners:

Step IV: Mailing Site Owners The collected bad links from list of website is then analyzed. A well drafted mail is send to each website owners in the finalized list. Step V: Sending Reminder Mails A reminder mail will be send to the website owners who have not removed the backlinks.

Step VI: Disavow & Reconsideration Request:

Step VI: Disavow & Reconsideration Request The badlinks are formatted based on Google’s standard format and uploaded via Disavow tool. A Reconsideration request is send to Google with a proof of communication with the website owners.

Step VII: Continuous Monitoring:

Step VII: Continuous Monitoring We will set an alert for the new backlinks. Continous monitoring will be done for your website.


Advantages Revoke Manual Webspam Action Clean up and Disavow badlinks Regains your Google Ranking Saves your time

The more quality backlinks, the better visibility in search engines:

The more quality backlinks, the better visibility in search engines Never Delay! Relieve your website from Google Penalty. Experts of can help you remove badlinks at fair price. Get guaranteed results from !

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