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Area and Perimeter:The Around the House Project : 

Area and Perimeter:The Around the House Project 6 Feet 4 ft Area = 6 x 4 = 24 sq. ft. Perimeter = (6 + 4) x2 = 20 ft.

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Length x Width = Area (Length + Width) x 2 = Perimeter Amount of space something covers, measured in Square Feet Length Around a shape.

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So You Want To Redecorate A Room… Well, Where Should I Start?

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So What Does This Have To Do With You? Everything!

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Tools You Will Need

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Calculate the Area and Perimeter of each room. Calculate the Surface area (The TOTAL AREA of all the walls in the room, generally there are four. Subtract the area of windows and doors that won’t be painted. Calculate how many cans of paint you will need to paint your rooms. Calculate the cost of the paint for each room. Choose a type of surface for our rooms, carpet or hardwood floors. Calculate the Cost of the floor surface for each room. Calculate the cost of a border for each room. Calculate the cost to redecorate each room. Calculate the total cost to redecorate all three rooms. Steps for Inside the House

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Measure your fence or an imaginary one.

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Write Down Your Measurements and Make a Drawing

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Create A Drawing

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Measure the perimeter of your house. Make another drawing of your house, like you did for the fence.

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Your Project is Due On March 10th. You Should be prepared to make a presentation. Have Fun and Happy Measuring.

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