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Muslims are against CAA even after given the Clearity on CAA by Indian government.


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Why are muslims against CAA? lalshai.blogspot.com


Is an Indian Culture are really in danger? lalshai.blogspot.com Muslims whose came approx 800 years ago in India, with the Religion of Islam and now in 2020. The Muslim Community comes Second number population of India about 11.5% ( 15 Crores ) in 138 crores people country. Present days they say. They are in fear because of Citizenship Amendment Act which known CAB ( Citizenship Amendment Bill ) before 10 january 2020. And they show there fear by protest Against CAA. And they Do their Protest by Block the Roads ( Shahin Bagh ) and also some Ambitious Politicians, Universities Students, Communist Mind Set People and all Muslim Community Support them in their Protest . And the main slogan of protest is SAVE THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA. So, Is an Indian Culture are really in danger or its just a Propaganda type Protest of some Ambitious People who are seeing there personal Interest on behalf of this CAA Against Protest and they are using some countable numbers of Innocent people in this Protest for success of them Ambitions. Let's See !


Why are the only these 6 Religions ( Hindu, Jainism, Sikh, christian , Buddhism and Parsi ) include in CAA ? lalshai.blogspot.com India, which is the birthplace of Hindu, jain , Buddh and Sikh religions and where the Parsi religion followers who have been evicted from all over the world in Mid Centuries, got citizenship and flourished, and today when Christians in 3 neighbouring Muslim Nations of India along with the followers of these other 5 religions which include in CAA. The 6 Religions followers are being tortured and are going on for years, because only these People are not followers of Islam, they are followers of other Religions, because India is a Secular Nation and where People who believe in these 6 religions are found in abundance all over the world, except Christianity, but Christianity is also persecuted on the basis of religion in the three neighbouring Muslim Nation of India. Therefore, The Indian Government has also included Christianity in CAA.


What is the need of CAA in INDIA? Lalshai.blogspot.com It is a matter of real concern that why there was a need for such an act whose Central Government is facing so much opposition. Let's see, the beginning of this thing is seen before 1947, when the Muslim League Surveyor  Muhammad Ali Jinnah  demanded a separate country, saying that on the basis of very deep religion among the Hindus and Muslims fighting the freedom struggle the gap has been formed, which can no longer be filled by anything. and for the rights of the Muslims. We Muslims should get a separate country, and this demand got so much emphasis, due to which three parts of India were made first, India itself, second part became Pakistan which is in the north west of India. And Bangladesh became the third part in the north east of India. Today Bangladesh is an Independent Country, but at the time of Independence, Bangladesh was a part of pakistan , which became a Separate Country after the War of 1971, with the help of India. Now, Bangladesh is also a Independent country on World Map. And at the time of Independence in 1947, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the first Prime Minister of India  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru  had verbally said that both the countries will remain Secular forever and Minorities ( other small religion Group ) in their respective countries will never let go wrong anything. However, India kept its verbal promise but Pakistan and Bangladesh became preoccupied with Islam fundamentalism and started persucting those who belonged to minority religions on religion grounds. And Afghanistan was already a Muslim-Majority country, and because of being a neighbour of Pakistan, the circumstances of minority community continued to worsen there. According to an estimate in 2020. in Afghanistan, only a few thousand people have survived the religious that have been included in the CAA. And all these was made possible by the governments of all 3 CAA include Countries. They made their country Constitution based on Islamic Laws. So, that the Population of 3 CAA include Countries who believed the minority religions there became second class citizens without any paper decree. And the governments of the three Islamic constitutional countries supported the Islamic cutterist people, who latter formed terrorist groups and started committing terrible atrocities on the People of religions who do not believe in Islam. And the result of all these was that Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan Converted into completely Islamic Cutterism Countries. Whereas Pakistan and Bangladesh were the same country at the time Independence in 1947. Where Hindu religion based population was very large, although it was less than Muslims but still it was very large on the basis of Numbers. But Continued to decrease due to the increasing Economic and Social atrocities caused by forced conversions of religion or Slaughter of minorities or leaving the country in their extremely difficult conditions. And in Afghanistan, there is lot of unrest in the Present day and everyone knows better how Afghanistan has become the bastion of complete terrorism and the People of minority religions are constantly having to live in fear and backwardness. And in such a situation it will be people of 6 religions who will get citizenship in India under in CAA, because India is a  Secular  Country where People of all communities have  Equal Rights.


Has Indian Government doing right practises Since Winning of 2019 Lok Sabha Election ? lalshai. blogspot .com India, which is the largest Democratic Country in the world. India in which the 2019 Lok Sabha elections were held, And the People of India Submitted the Power to the Bjp with an absolute Majority and like every Political party, the Bjp also presented its Manifesto to the people of India at the time of contesting which they will Complete in the near future. In Manifesto, the Bjp had said that will convert the CAB into CAA in a clear manner, in which the BJP had clearly stated that in the coming time, it will be a well-planned NRC in the Country. And all such promises were made by the BJP to the people of the country won the BJP and on the basis of these promises, the people of the country won the BJP not only with constitutional and total freedom but also with record seats. And when within 6 months of winning, Bjp has fulfilled its many promises and is constantly moving towards fulfilling it. There was also a promise in these Promises to make CAB convert into CAA. And, when the CAA has been formed today, some anti-nationals are trying their best to raise slogans like SAVE THE CONSTITUTION and to distract the Patriot Muslims of Country. While the Government of has enacted CAA law in a full constitutional manner.

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