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Mail Backup X is an all round email backup application for Mac. It can not only backup emails but also works on address books, contact lists, attachments and many more things, You don't have to worry about anything while backing up with Mail Backup X


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Apple Mail Backups Including Address Book Archive and backup all your Apple Mail data including emails address books and attachments using the powerful Mail Backup X When it comes to creating a data backup and archive system for email accounts finding the right tool is usually the hardest part. This is fuelled by the fact that email communication is controlled by a few email clients that use different kinds of technology to manage and organize emails. There are a number of great programs designed to help users create efficiently. In order to perform efficient Apple Mail backups including address book you require a fast stable and easy to use a tool such as the Mail Backup X. The Mail Backup X comes with amazing features and functionality that makes it easy and secure to backup Apple Mail address book and emails and with no chances of loss. For maximum performance and functionality this tool allows Mac users to backup emails from different email platforms as long as they support IMAP email protocols. Additionally this tool stores the Apple Mail backups and archives in PDF format. This makes it easy to maintain the original structure of Apple Mail address books and email backup files in addition to making it easy to print information from these files on-demand. The Mail Backup X ensures that all the archive and backup folders are stored in a secure FTP server after such as your iCloud or Dropbox account. It also has a

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feature which supports incremental backups and backs up emails as soon as they arrive or leave any of your OS X email accounts this way nothing is ever left to chance. The Mail Backup X can save all your Apple Mail address book and email backups in a hard drive or on a server As mentioned above the Mail Backup X allows users to backup and archive Apple Mail address books and emails in addition to other third party email clients. Users can choose to backup emails and contacts either automatically on a secure FTP server or manually via a USB device. When using a USB device Mac users are only required to create the backup folder in the storage device once. From then onwards the application is smart enough to detect the device and the backup folder created the first time. The next time you plug this device this software will instantly backup your Apple Mail address book and emails. Give it a try and enjoy staying on the safe side.

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