What are the Benefits of Physiotherapy for Seniors

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The benefits of physiotherapy are not only limited to athletes but are equally beneficial for older adults. Read this file to learn about the complete benefits of physiotherapy for seniors.


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Introduction The approach towards recovery after any incident is in your hands. Do you want to end up taking medicines for the rest of your life or do you want to bid adieu to the problem with a mechanism which will get you back on track What is Physiotherapy It is a treatment that enables the body to restore its function gain strength and get into momentum through movement education manual therapy and advice.

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Why should you opt for Physiotherapy Prevention and rehabilitation are the focus areas of the physiotherapist and they help in treating multiple problems like: Asthma Heart ailments Arthritis problems in muscles ligaments bones and joints Irregular bowel movements Stiffness fatigue loss of strength Parkinson’s disease Neck and back pain

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For seniors it is a healing treatment for the following problems: 1.Arthritis: Physiotherapy helps in increasing the blood circulation and thus reduce pain through regular exercises and body movements 2.To build strength: Physiotherapists believe in and work towards strength enhancement. 3.Pre and post-surgery: Undergoing surgery can be mentally challenging and through physiotherapy sessions seniors can get prepared for the surgery and post surgery that they can regain their strength with regular sessions. How is Physiotherapy good for Seniors

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How do Physiotherapists Treat Massage Exercise Tolerance testing and training Hot and cold packs Environment change Joint manipulation to reduce pain

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