What are the Benefits of Cupping Therapy

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Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which cups are applied onto the skin to soften muscles, lift connective tissue, and increase the blood flow to the treated areas. Here are some of the benefits of cupping therapy. Read this file for further information.


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The Benefits of Cupping Therapy

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Introduction Meaning of cupping therapy  As the name suggests it means using cups to create local suction on the skin. It is pseudoscience which is not supported scientifically which originated in china and facilitates healing with blood flow in the area where cups are placed. How does it work  The therapist puts cups on the body which helps in increasing the blood circulation to that area and promotes cell repair. New connective tissues and new blood vessels in the tissues are created.

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TYPES of CUPPING 1. Dry Cupping: suction only method 2. Wet Cupping: also known as hijama or medicinal bleeding. It requires skin incision wherein blood is drawn from it by local suction. What material is the glass made of Glass Bamboo Earthenware Silicone

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Benefits of Cupping Therapy  Treating muscle spasms  Relieving back pain  Treatment of skin problems such as acne or eczema  Varicose veins  Helpful in treating anxiety and depression  Controlling high blood pressure and migraines  Gynecological disorders can be rectified  Good for people suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia  Facial paralysis or cervical spondylosis can be treated

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Cupping Therapy What should you be careful about You need to talk to the practitioner before sitting for the session because the therapy might lead to Mild discomfort Burns and bruises Skin infection

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