What are the Major Causes of Lower Back Pain

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Suffering from chronic lower back pain? Learning about the causes of back pain can help you to reduce your pain. Read this file to learn about the major causes of lower back pain.


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Introduction Doctors say that back pain is one of the most common reasons people come for a consultation and it is the primary source of incapacity around the world. In todays lifestyle every individual has experienced back pain at least once. The following are the most common causes of triggering lower back pain. The lower back is liable to a great deal of strain because of the entire weight of upper body stacks on the lower back.

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Major Causes of Lower Back Pain  Degenerative Discs/Herniated Discs The entire body is supported by the spine which is made up of vertebrae and is supported by cartilage called discs. With age these padding discs erode and shrivel and lead to a condition called degenerative plate infection. Sometimes the debilitation of a disc can put pressure on your spine that can lead to a herniated disc also known as a slipped or ruptured disc which causes the disc to swell. This swelling might put pressure on sensitive nerves that extend down the leg. This is medically termed as sciatica.

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Spondylolisthesis Typical wear and tear of your joints and tendons make it hard to keep your spine in sound health during aging. At the point when a vertebra moves more than it should it can slide forward and over another. At the point when this occurs bones can push on the spinal nerves and cause lower back agony. Major Causes of Lower Back Pain

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 Spinal Stenosis A narrowing of the spine space can put weight on nerves. The narrowing is commonly brought about by bone prods that were created because of osteoarthritis. Back pain moderately improves with physiotherapy and self-care. Spinal Decompression therapy by Back on Track Chiropractic center in Burlington is a proven remedy to deal with the pain. Major Causes of Lower Back Pain

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