Some Of The Best Exercises for Back Pain Relief

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It can be difficult to resume your daily activities when you are having back pain. Here are some of the best exercises for your back pain relief. Read this file for further information.


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Introduction Back pain is a universal problem which more than 30 of the modern generation suffers from. It is the most common musculoskeletal pain in the United States and is solved by strengthening the core.

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Some Of The Best Exercises For Back Pain Relief: 1 Bird Dog Bird dog helps in strengthening the core musculoskeletal system and the lower back. Procedure : Stand on your hands and knees in a tabletop position and stack up your thighs under your hips. Pull your right arm forward and left leg back maintaining a flat back and keeping your hips in line with the floor. Repeat the same with the opposite side of your body. Do at least ten rounds of this exercise.

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Some Of The Best Exercises For Back Pain Relief: 2 Tabletop Leg Press Tabletop leg press also known as the core connector is a fantastic exercise to strengthen the core. It enhances the overall stability and strength and is also recommended as the first exercise in the morning. Procedure : Lay down. Lift your legs up in a tabletop position make a perpendicular position against your hips. Squeeze your knees to press the lower back into the ground. Crunch a few inches and place your hands in the front.

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Some Of The Best Exercises For Back Pain Relief: 3 Glute Bridge This exercise helps to engage your glute which is a part of your core muscles. Procedure : Simply lay down with your back in your hands on the side and bend your knees.  Squeeze your glutes and abs. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and make sure your knees are straight.

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Some Of The Best Exercises For Back Pain Relief: 4 Dead Bug This exercise helps to create a strong core. Procedure : Lay down face up with the arms extended towards the ceiling and maintaining a tabletop position. Extend your right leg out and drop your left arm overhead. Squeeze your butt and keep your core engaged in the entire exercise. Make sure lower back is pressed against the floor.

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