5 Benefits of Yoga to Spinal Health

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Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. Yoga is particularly useful in promoting a healthy spine. It combines exercise with meditation to promote flexibility along with mental and physical wellness. Read this file to learn about the benefits of yoga to spinal health.


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5 Benefits of Yoga to Spinal Health

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Introduction  Exercise plays a vital role in building and maintaining your overall health and well-being.  Yoga is beneficial for a healthy spine and along with chiropractic care process donates many health benefits.  In case you are suffering from a severe backache or recovering any injury speak to your health care consultant before practicing any physical exercise.

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A Brief Background on the Practice of Yoga Yoga is an ancient practice originated in India thousands year back. It is the combination of physical activity with meditation to donate flexibility in addition to mental and physical wellness. The spine is one of the most important parts of the human body. Many movements and positions performed in Yoga help in stretching and aligning the spine for the proper functioning of the body.

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Benefits of Yoga on your Spinal Health Contribute to Good Posture: A good posture creates less strain on our bodies. Yoga is essential in order to keep the weight of our skull centered and reduce the work of our neck bone and spinal cord by supporting it. An unbalanced or poor posture of spine may lead to a backache neck complications muscles and joint pains. Even at a younger age the kinds of pain may let you suffer from degenerative arthritis which imbalance the weight of our bodies and simple curves of neck and spine are compromised. Aid in Healing Back Pain: Back Pain is most common among youngsters today. It may be the result of a change in lifestyle and hectic schedule. Around 2.5 million people in the UK suffer from back pain on a daily basis costing the NHS approximately £12.3 billion. Half of all sick days from work in Britain are due to back pain. According to the National Institute of Health NIH performing a set of carefully adapted yoga postures daily will definitely help the individual to get relief from the kinds of the pain and also improve their ability to move and walk properly.

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Benefits of Yoga on your Spinal Health Helps you Breathe: Yoga helps in increasing the breathing power and makes the lungs healthy. An early morning exercise helps to breathe in fresh air which keeps our body and spinal health good. Proper techniques and good alignment can help reduce back pain and keep the spine healthy. Keeps your Bones Healthy and Strong: Yoga helps in keeping the bones healthy and strong. It is proved that weight-bearing exercise strengthens and helps to reduce osteoporosis. Yoga practice increases bone density in the vertebrae and feeds calcium to the bones which improve the flexibility of the spine and keep it healthy and strong. Happy and Healthy lifestyle: The regular practice of yoga will help you to relax your body and your mind. This practice will keep your bones pain free and will devote your concentration towards a happy and healthy life.

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