Does Link Building Work?


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Discussing the impact that link building can have on your websites search engine rankings


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Does Link building work? : 

Does Link building work? Discussing the effects that link building can have on your website. Visit for link building services

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There are many different providers of "backlink packs" which have surfaced over the past year or two. These backlink packs provide step by step instructions on how to build links to your website, using a variety of different types of platforms, with a proportion being provided by adding a signature onto your forum profile, which will then be viewed as a public profile. There are some challenges with adding these types of backlinks, we will look into what those challenges may be here: Visit for link building sergvices

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The links may take significant time to be found. For example, these forums can potentially have millions of pages, and therefore the links that you have placed may take months or even years to be found by search engines. Visit for link building sergvices

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The links may get removed. There have been many examples where people have placed links and then had them removed as the site owner may have changed their policy in the way that links may be placed. This can be highly frustrating when you have taken many hours to build links. Visit for link building sergvices

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There is a challenge over whether the page rank carrying through. What I mean by this is if the home page of the website is page rank 8, but the page that your link is placed on does not carry any page rank, does this carry any benefit to your site. The way in which I always consider links is a popularity contest and the more links that you have the better, but if they are all from low or zero page rank sites is this as good as higher page rank links. The jury is out on this, I don't confess to know the answer, but it is worth considering. Visit for link building sergvices

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Sometimes the variety of links may not as diverse from these packs as you would be able to create yourself. One very good tip which I have implemented alongside link packs is setting up a google alert to notify me every time there is new content published which is relevant to my keyword(s). This then means that I am quickly able to sift through all of the information which is published and find blogs and forums to which I can add my link. It takes a small amount of time to do this and has certainly proved to be very effective. When you are commenting on a blog always make sure that you have a point, and that your comment is relevant. Blog owners will not appreciate "thanks for the content" then a link to someones website, as its fairly obvious what you are doing, as in building links! Visit for link building sergvices

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Due to volume of traffic that forum links generate, you may be better off spending your time (and potentially money) building web 2.0 properties, such as squidoo lens', hubpages, or google knoll sites. Providing you have good content and the site is well structured these sites will generally be good referral platforms for traffic. Even years later providing your content is good they will generate clicks to your website. Visit for link building sergvices

Happy Linking! : 

Happy Linking! Visit for backlinks packages. Visit for link building sergvices

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