Top Fun Video Games That Are Actually Educational for Children

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Amazing fun and educational video games for your children that are fun to play. Here are some best video games for toddlers which never harm, in fact make learning process more fun for kids.


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LeapFrog Leapster Leapster program offers an amazing learning game system which comes with a handheld game device. This game helps you select the pace of learning that matches with that of your kid. This is indeed a wonderful educational game which your child will surely love.


Dora The Explorer Dora The Explorer is a very famous TV show and has a book series, a toy line for kids, video games and also a travel show. This is a process to learn different colors, shapes, words, numbers and various other useful things in a fun way.


Reader Rabbit This is another game for children which is very effective in developing math skills, problem solving abilities, language and art. This game is available for children of various grades to help you pick what is best of your kid.


Professor Layton Series This series is a wonderful world of puzzles which revolve around different logics, problem solving skills, mathematics, riddles etc. which are very effective in helping your kids have smarter and sharper brains.


LittleBigPlanet LittleBigPlanet gives all the room to the kids to have their own world in the process of which they end up honing their problem solving skills and spatial orientation skills. This game lets you change the complete look of the main character in the game making it all the more for the children.


Endless Ocean If your kid is fond of water world then this is an amazing game to help him or her learn a lot more about aquatic life. Kids become divers in this game and they are able to learn amazing things about habitat of fish, marine plants etc.


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