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Response to “How To Prove Eternal Security (OSAS)” : 

-tf Response to “How To Prove Eternal Security (OSAS)”

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The video examined herein contains 19 screens.

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The first 15 of which follow with numbered bible believing responses.

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Screen #1

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OSAS is not true and cannot be proven true. Being correct or mistaken about other doctrine has no bearing on the fact that OSAS cannot be proven true.

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Screen #2

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3. It is not necessary to single out John Wesley or Methodists. 4. The propositions in screen #2 would include hundreds of different “Christian” belief systems. 5. The propositions in screen #2 would describe the vast majority of “Christian” held doctrine.

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Screen #3

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6. The peddler of this video (herein after “the peddler”) intends to “PROVE” that a LIE is the TRUTH. To do this He will ignore 50 solid verses of scripture that flatly refute OSAS (see OSAS bible study –tf), and Will pretend to use a system of philosophical logic to contradict the bible otherwise, yet, He begins by expecting us to generously overlook his sloppy and faulty assumptions by accepting that the premise for his argument is “abundantly clear,” when in fact

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The premise is grammatically incorrect and certainly NOT “clear” at all, especially as it is written The premise entertains childishly inept concepts and improper use of biblical words, and Depending upon doctrinal assumptions by the peddler, the premise is not true.

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The verses referenced in this screen provide NOTHING in support of the peddler’s contention that No “sin” can “go unpunished” or that “no sin can enter heaven” The claim is insinuated that there are “many other texts” in support of this premise, however The peddler did not produce any, and What he did produce is completely off the subject.

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Screen #4

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“once again” it is NOT clear that ”no sin can go unpunished…” The peddler did not even attempt to make it clear from scripture: He simply stated it, and Hoped that we would believe him. In regard to part “B” of screen #4, although the peddler begins the screen with “once again…” he has Slipped in a subtle change between screen #3 and screen #4, altering his premise from: “absolutely no sin can enter heaven” to “no person with sin on them can enter Heaven” The peddler is not in fact saying this “again” he is now saying it for the first time.

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The premise with which the peddler is sure everyone can agree is grammatically incorrect: “person” is singular and the pronoun referring to “person” is plural. His statement should have read “no person with sin on HIM can enter Heaven” The bible never makes any such statement as does the peddler, even when his statement is corrected. Again, the peddler provides no scripture in support of the assertion, which is FOUNDATIONAL to his twisted argument. The bible makes no mention of any such persons “with sin on the them” Again, the peddler is incorrect because not “everyone can agree” with the statement in screen #4

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Screen #5

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15. See comments for screen #1.

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Screen #6

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The peddler is stating his belief, as would any Catholic defending his desire to worship “Mary” and “prove” his religion was the same as the gospel. It may be true the peddler believes what he says he believes, but even so, what he believes is not true. The gospel is true, powerful, plainly stated in the Word of God, and brings life; whereas “eternal security” is imaginary, false, satanic, not in the Word of God, and brings death.

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The “gospel” prospered for centuries without the doctrine of OSAS, thereby disproving the peddler’s contention. Not only is the gospel NOT inseparable with respect to “eternal security” The gospel was never connected with “eternal security” and The gospel is not now connected with “eternal security”.

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