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Applications of computers in various fields

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Computers are used at home for playing games, listening to music, watching movies, drawing pictures, writing letters etc. COMPUTERS AT HOME

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Computers are used in schools By Teachers for Preparing lessons Teaching different topics related to a subject Preparing Reports Cards COMPUTERS IN SCHOOLS

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Students use computers for preparing projects and learning different topics of a subject USES OF COMPUTER FOR STUDENTS

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Special effects can be created using a computer such as a sequence of a battle, an earthquake or a fire. COMPUTERS IN MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT

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A number of satellites linked with computers provide a lot of information important for space research. COMPUTERS IN SPACE TECHNOLOGY

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Computers are useful in defence services. Modern weapons and missiles are dependent on computers Computers help scientists in their research work. Computers help in making chemicals. COMPUTERS IN DEFENCE AND RESEARCH

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Computers are used in offices for storing data. Computers keep track of clients, members, sales, events and many more. COMPUTERS IN OFFICES

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Computers are used in libraries to keep records of the books by entering data COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES

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Computerized equipment are used for medical tests and surgeries in hospitals. COMPUTERS IN MEDICINE

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Computers are used in booking counters where each computer is connected through a common network Computers help in reservation and cancellation of tickets. Computers help in keeping records of flights arrival and departures COMPUTERS FOR AIRLINE AND RAILWAY RESERVATION

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Computers are used in banks for online enquiry of customer’s balance, cheque verification, updating the balance. Computers help you draw cash from ATM. COMPUTERS IN BANKS

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Computers help doctors in diagnosing many diseases. Computers help doctors in performing operation and medical tests. Computers help in keeping records of all the patients in a hospitals COMPUTERS IN HOSPITALS

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Shopkeepers use computers to prepare bills for customers. Computers maintain record of the stocks and prices of different items. COMPUTERS IN SHOPS

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Computers help architects in designing buildings and houses. Computers help engineers in designing cars, aeroplanes and many others machines. Computers help in designing clothes. COMPUTERS IN DESIGNING

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