Creating a Custom Time Magazine Cover Using PIXLR

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Creating a custom Time Magazine cover using pixlr:

Michael Babler EDTECH 521 Fall 2012 Creating a custom Time Magazine cover using pixlr

Create a custom Time Magazine Cover:

This lesson will guide you through the process of creating your own TIME Magazine cover that mimics the style of a real cover. We will use a web tool called PIXLR to complete this project. You will continue to refer to this presentation throughout the project for instructions. Continue from slide to slide when you are confident you have mastered the content presented. Create a custom Time Magazine Cover

Analyze Time Magazine Covers:

Analyze Time Magazine Covers Open your web browser and navigate to the website Search through the archives of TIME magazine covers and look for consistent style elements that appear in the examples. After determining which elements are consistent, please take the Cover Elements Quiz .

Learn about PIXLR:

Learn about PIXLR Navigate to the website Choose to use the Pixlr editor (Advanced)

Learn about PIXLR:

Learn about PIXLR From the selection screen, choose to “Create a new image” Use the default New Image options Change the Name to “Test Project”

Learn about PIXLR:

Learn about PIXLR The Pixlr toolbar contains many of the features that we will use for this project. They are explained below: The Move Tool is used to select and move items on the canvas The Drawing Tool will be used, in our case, to make a rectangle outline The Type Tool is used to add text The color selector allows you to choose from a range of colors

Using the Drawing Tool:

Using the Drawing Tool Practice using the Drawing Tool to create a rectangular outline select the rectangle option try a bigger border size change the color option uncheck the “Fill Shape” box

Using the Text Tool:

Using the Text Tool Practice using the Text Tool to add text to the project type text here change text options here

Inserting and Sizing an Image:

Inserting and Sizing an Image Open an image as a layer from the Layer menu

Inserting and Sizing an Image:

Inserting and Sizing an Image Change the size of an image by using Free Transform in the Edit menu

Understanding Layers:

Understanding Layers Layers determine the order of the items displayed in your project. Rearrange the layers to bring items on top of others. when creating the rectangle outline in the final project, create a new layer first

Project Instructions:

Project Instructions Close the “Test Project” and create a new image with the name “Time Magazine Cover” using custom dimensions of 800 (width) x 1000 (height). Use your own image for the cover and add the red outline and text as instructed. Include the style elements you noted in your review of the TIME Magazine covers. Save your finished project as a JPG and upload it to the appropriate area of the course website.

Evaluation instructions:

Evaluation instructions Use the Project Rubric to self-evaluate your project. Review a classmate’s work and use the Project Rubric to provide feedback to them. After these two evaluations, revise your project as necessary. Submit your final project to the appropriate area of the course website.

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