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We are end sellers of Raw Un-refine Gold Nuggets and Gold Bars from Democratic Republic of Congo.

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I got your contact details through that is the reason why I contacted you to know if you will be interested in buying our Gold. Characteristics of Au metal 1. Gold Nuggets Or Gold Bars. 2. Quantity: 750 Kilos. 3. Purity. Carat: 23 Carat Plus. – 97 4. Color: Yellow. 5. Prize: 25.000 USD Per Kg . 6. Origin: Republic Democratic of Congo . 7. Exporting Zone: Kenya. Please I hereby attached our Gold pictures to you for your perusal. You can start with any quantity of your choice . We are capable to supply 1000Kgs to 1500Kgs every month to any serious buyer or Investor who is willing to do business with our people and we shall sign 2 years contract with rolls and extension. Please if you are interested to do business with us do not hesitate to reply me back. We hope to establish a long term and a fruitful business relationship with your esteemed company. Thank you for your time. FCO

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Below is our attached Full Corporate offer for Gold Nuggets. Please note that these are the NET PRICES no commissions have been added. We would require an ICPO with buyer’s banking coordinates and soft probe and a NCNDA signed and sealed by all including the end BUYER. F.C.O –RAW GOLD NUGGETS We xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ltd hereby submit our Full Corporate offer and State that we are Ready and Willing to Supply the Below Mentioned Commodity with full Responsi-bility as Per Under Stated Specification and Term Conditions. COMMODITY Raw Gold Nuggetswith 97 of purity and above. ORIGIN : D.R Congo PACKING : Packed in boxes suitable for airfreight. QUANTITY PRICE VALUE : 1750Kilograms Raw Gold nuggets 25000 per Kg CIF Buyers Destination If purity is found to be less than stated in the FCO then the price will be adjusted to suit the Buyer. SHIPMENT By airfreight Port of Loading: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya DESTINATION DELIVERY Destination: Buyer’s Choice DOCUMENTATION

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Commercial Invoice in favor of the Buyer Insurance Certificate of Origin Export Permit Ownership Certificate Customs Clearance and Airway Bill. After sign this Soft Offer by both parties Buyer and Seller must follow this proce-dure: 1. Buyer and Seller sign the FCO 2. The Buyer or Buyer’s Representative will meet the seller in Nairobi Kenya or in his countryquestion of negotiation to inspect the goods physically. 3. The Buyer can obtain a sample from the total consignment for testing purpos-es only at any local testing laboratory. 4. After satisfactory inspection Buyer pays for all the government taxes and logistic for the shipping of the cargo to the Seller’s appointed shipping agent. Under tight supervision officials from the Ministry of Minerals Energy will seal the goods. 5. If required by the buyer the consignment can be smelted in the presence of the buyer and further inspection and testing is allowed at this stage. 6. Once the Buyer receives and confirms the documents and the Gold is ready to leave the country both the Buyer and the Seller or Seller’s representative will prepare to leave together to the Buyer’s destination to witness the final assay.. 7. Within 72 hours after receiving the final assay certificate from the buyers re-finery the buyer will deduct the money that he paid for the Government Roy-alties then he pays our full amount

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of the initial cost for the consignment through Swift wire transfer TT to the Sellers designated bank account. Terms Payment: Direct TT TWT to Sellers A/C 24 hrs after final assay report. Seller’s Warranty The Seller must warrant that the product as described in the FCO is in his legal pos-session or that he has beneficial ownership of the product and that he has the ability and the authority to sell it: -Buyer to inspect the goods in Kenya where he/she will take samples for initial tests at a government testing laboratories. Goods are sealed ready for export. -Seller representative will accompany the goods to Buyer’s refinery for smelting and final payment after assay report. Payment: TT wire transfer TWT from buyer contracted authorized authority account as per instructions from the Sellers defined in the FCO. After buyer pays the full payment of goods to the seller the product and ownership will then be released to buyer. Responsibility: The Gold Nuggets will during the delivery process remain in the Seller’s care cus-tody and control of the Seller. Buyer will be responsible for all cost at their refinery including but not limited to refining and storage. Delivery Instructions: CIF Buyers Destination The Seller will ship the product to the designated buyer refineries via airfreight to the attention of buyer as per the instructions defined in the FCO to be listed on the documents and the packaging of the product.

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Confidentiality: Seller buyer or Intermediaries and Mandates shall keep any FCO or Contract in strict confidence and shall instruct all persons involved in the completion of this contract to keep it in strict confidence. Disputes Settlement: All disputes arising out of or in connection with the FCO or contract with buyer in-cluding disputes on its conclusion binding effect amendments and termination shall be resolved by ordinary court in Switzerland and/or as defined in the FCO. Modifications and Amendments: All modifications and amendments to any FCO or contract with buyer must be made in writing and are subject to the mutual writing approval of both parties. Right to Refuse Shipment: Seller must certify that any and all Material sent to any of buyer refineries shall be free of hazardous substances including but not limited to beryllium cadmium mer-cury polychlorinated biphenyls and radioactive material. Should a Seller know or suspect that the material may contain a hazardous substance the Seller undertakes to notify Buyer refinery and buyer in advance of the shipment. It is understood that the re-finery may take sample and test the material for the presence of hazardous sub-stances prior to processing. It needs be understood that the refinery shall have the right to reject material which in the refinery’s opinion does not conform to the de-scription specified under subparagraph

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“a” or is or becomes unsuitable or undesir-able for handling sampling and smelting whether for metallurgical environmental or other reasons. Material which does not conform to the requirements specified under subparagraph specified in the FCO or is rejected by the refinery pursuant as defined in the FCO will be returned to the Seller’s arrangement for the return of the Material. Pending receipt of such instructions it is understood that the refinery may take action as it considers appropriate for handling the Material. Any damages suf-fered by the buyer or the refinery as a result thereof will be deducted from the Seller’s account. Any and all damages suffered by the refinery as a result of the processing of Material containing hazardous substances will be to the account of a Seller. Contract Exchanger Instructions: Seller must agree that facsimile documents or correspondence shall be considered as originals. However buyer and seller can retain the option to exchange hard copies in all transactions Seller signs and sends the contract by fax or email to buyer Buyer signs and faxes or sends the contract to the seller via e- mail Non-circumvention and non-disclosure: Seller will need to agree not to circumvent or attempt to circumvent buyer in any current or future transaction for a period of three years from the execution of any contract or FCO. A contract or FCO will bind all parties their agents associates employees transfers assigns or designees. Please Note:

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These prices may be subject to change without notice. So always please confirm prior to proceeding with the transaction. “All prices referred to in this message if any have been provided as temporary in-formation only and not binding. The market prices for commodities and products Commercialized by SELLER are subject to change without notice. A firm price quotation would only be provided in a Full Corporate Offer FCO ad- dressed to the interested party after the receipt of ICPO SOFT PROBE and NCN-DA”. “ACCEPTANCE OF PROCEDURES TERMS AND CONDITIONS BY BUYER OR BUYER MANDATE” We..........................................................the Buyer are willing and able to buy the Gold Nuggets offered with the purchase procedures in this document which is re-turned duly signed and sealed as acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein. Signature of Buyer ..................................................... Thanks for your anticipated Patronage Signature of Seller Best Regards Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx . Sunday April 9 17

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