5 Tips to Save Money on your Engagement Ring

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Do you know you could save hundreds of dollars and still get a beautiful diamond engagement ring? Here are tips to save on your engagement ring shopping.


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5 Tips to Save Money on your Engagement Ring By B2C Jewels


Buy Online 1 Beautiful diamonds can be affordable . Chain jewelers have a very high mark-up on their diamonds and jewelry due to high overheads like rent. Internet retailers with their low operational costs have reasonable mark-up, often less than a quarter of the mark-up you might see in your local store, potentially saving you thousands of dollars .


Browse Online Retailers 2 Many online jewelry retailers share a virtual inventory of diamonds. If you find a diamond you like, check other websites - you may find the same diamond available at a lower price on another website. B2C Jewels has a Price Match Guarantee .


Focus on the Cut 3 A diamond's sparkle is all about the cut. The better the cut, the more brilliant it will appear. Get the best cut you can afford. A well-cut 0.9 carat diamond can appear as big as a poorly-cut 1 ct. diamond.


Carat Weight 4 If you stay under carat weights like 1 or 1 ½ carats, you can save a lot of money. A 0.9 carat diamond will cost less than a 1 carat diamond. If that diamond is mounted in the right ring , like a halo, it can look just as big as 1.00 carat diamond.


Right Ring Setting 5 Make the center diamond appear larger and have more sparkle with a halo setting which surrounds the center diamond with sparkle or a cathedral setting where the diamond is set high, allowing plenty of light to pass through so it sparkles brilliantly.


Ask Your Partner! Bonus You can save a lot of time, effort and money by getting your fiancé’s go-ahead on the ring before buying. At B2C we have a free Try At Home service where we ship engagement ring replicas to you. Your fiancé can try on the replicas and then the two of you can pick the ring you love best, ensuring you will both be in love with the final product.


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