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Holstein : 

Holstein Milk yield 7800 kg/y Protein 3.2% Fat 3.4% Origin: Holland. - Over 90% of the Canadian dairy herd is from this breed. - Black and white or red and white in coloring. - Large size and exceptional milk production

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They are large, black and white marked animals that can be anywhere from mostly black to mostly white, or half and half. Size: A healthy calf weighs 30 to 35 kg (about 65-80 lbs.) or more at birth. A mature Holstein cow typically weighs 680 kg (1,500 lbs), and stands 147 cm (58 inches) tall at the shoulder. Holstein heifers should be bred by 15 months of age, when they weigh over 360 kg (792 lbs.) Generally, breeders aim for Holstein heifers to calve for the first time between 23 and 26 months of age. Gestation period is about nine months.[2]

Ayrshire : 

Ayrshire Milk yield 6200 kg/y Protein 3.4% Fat 3.9% Origin: Scotland. - - Coat color: light or dark red and white in varying proportions. - Roughly one-half of Canada's Ayrshires are found in Quebec

Jersey : 

Jersey Milk yield 5000 kg/y Protein 3.9% Fat 4.9% Origin: Island of Jersey in Great Britain * Fawn-colored. * High butterfat and protein content of their milk.

Guernsey : 

Guernsey Milk yield 5500 kg/y Protein 3.6% Fat 4.6% Origin: The British island of Guernsey * Comparable in size to Ayrshires * Golden in color with distinctive white spots.

Brown Swiss : 

Brown Swiss Milk yield 6180 kg/y Protein 3.5% Fat 4.0% Origin: Switzerland * * Brown-gray colored * These cattle cross well with beef breeds.

Canadienne : 

Canadienne Milk yield 4570 kg/y Protein 3.6% Fat 4.2% Origin: Quebec. * Developed from the Breton and Norman cows of New France. * Found mostly in Quebec. * Cows are black or brown, although the back, muzzle and udder are generally paler.

Shorthorns : 

Shorthorns Milk yield 6700 kg/y Protein 3.3% Fat 4.0% Origin: England * Imported to Canada in 1832. * Color: Red, white or roan * Mainly a dual-purpose (milk and beef) breed.

Milking Devon : 

Milking Devon Origin: Devonshire, England * First breed imported from England to the USA (1623). * Color: Red (different shades). * A triple-purpose (draft, milk and beef) breed.

Norwegian Red : 

Norwegian Red Origin: Norway in 1961 * A mix of several Norwegian and European (Ayshires, Swedish red-and-whites, Holsteins) * 98% the Norwegian herd belonged to this breed. * Milk yield average 5,804 kg per lactation

Australian Friesian Sahiwal : 

Australian Friesian Sahiwal Milk yield 3000 kg/year Fat 4% Protein 3.4% Origin: (Queensland) Australia * A cross between Sahiwal and the Australian Holstein- Friesian. * Combines tick resistance and heat tolerance with reliable milk production and fertility. * It outperforms the Holstein by approximately 15%.

Australian Milking Zebu : 

Australian Milking Zebu Milk yield 2700 kg/year Fat 3.5-4.0% Protein 3.4% Origin: Australia * Cross between Sahiwal and Sindihi x Jersey * Has the external features of a Jersey cow

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