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bad vibes forever (feat. PnB Rock & Trippie Redd) - XXXTENTACION Lyrics:

bad vibes forever (feat. PnB Rock & Trippie Redd ) - XXXTENTACION Lyrics Ohhhhhhhh , finally work tonight Nigga , everybody thinks what we gonna do next What are we doing do- ooo - ooo I can barely control myself Sow my energy, feel me near (Oh yes)      Bad vibes forever lyrics  !!!

Quick Facts:

Quick Facts Career:  rapper Date of Birth:  January 23, 1998 Age : 20 years Date of death:  June 18, 2018 Place of Birth:  Pompano Beach, USA Height:  168 Family status:  was not married


Biography XXXTentacion is a young Florida rapper who has skyrocketed to peak popularity in a couple of years. Having no full releases in the asset, in 2016, with 3-4 tracks, the guy managed to win the hearts of the army of fans.In music, XXXTentacion did not adhere to one trend and was not a "pure" rapper - the vocalist followed the mood and boldly combined hip-hop with R&B, alternative rock, or metal.

Childhood and youth:

Childhood and youth ace Dwayne Onfroy was born in early 1998 on the Atlantic coast, in hot Florida. The childhood of the future singer held in the city of Pompano Beach. The name of the 100,000th city was given in honor of the pompom fish, abundantly found in local waters.


Music Then Onfroy came up with a creative pseudonym - XXXTentacion . The three-letter prefix hinted at the guy's love of pornography (eventually reduced to X). The second part of the original name translated from Spanish means "temptation."

Personal life:

Personal life Beloved girl, because of the violent showdown with which the rapper imprisoned, the dark-skinned beauty Geneva. The chosen one corresponded to Onfroy : Geneva cheated on Jace and used drugs, for which she was seriously getting a little from her boyfriend (the guy's height was 1.68 m).


Death The point in the stormy biography of the musician was put by the end. On June 18, 2018, when XXXTentacion , released from behind the grille, got out of the motor show in Miami and got into a car, two unknown people ran up to him, one of them pulled out a bag, and the second fired several bullets at Jassea .

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