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In our last blog post we broke up the process of selecting an interior designer into a 7-step process.In that 7-step process on selecting an interior designer step 5 is meeting with your shortlisted designers and clarifying interior design project-related issues with them.

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1 – CAN YOU SHOW ME SOME CERTIFICATION An interior designer needs to be professionally certified as an interior designer. He or she must be professionally trained in a number of subjects.

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2 - CAN YOU WORK IN MY STYLE Every designer is good at one style or another. And they may not be comfortable working in another style.

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3 - DO YOU KEEP A RECORD OF PROJECT PROGRESS Interior design projects can normally go on for weeks or even months.So it is very important for you as a client to keep yourself updated on the progress of the project.

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4 - WHAT KIND OF PARTICIPATION DO YOU EXPECT FROM ME Apart from whether the project is proceeding on time you may also want to check that it is proceeding as per the plan and that you like the outcome.

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5 - DO YOU SOURCE ONLY TRADE- ONLY SUPPLIES Trade-only supplies are those supplies that are meant to be used by the interior design trade only.

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