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Lafayette is extremely dedicated to providing high-quality legal representation to his clients at an affordable rate. The Newsome Firm is dedicated to providing stability and compassion for every client's unique matter. Call us now: (602) 752-3333


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The Newsome Firm:

The Newsome Firm One of the Most Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyers in Arizona Being charged with a criminal or driving offense can be a very stressful time in an individual's life. The criminal justice system is a very demanding and confusing process that should be navigated with the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The Newsome Firm is fully dedicated to helping each and every client to the highest degree possible. Lafayette's clients receive the dedication and attention to detail that can make the difference in a criminal or DUI case.


ABOUT US Don't let finances stop you from having your rights protected. We offer flexible payment options. The Newsome Firm is determined to uphold the rights of their clients as provided in the United States Constitution. Lafayette strongly believes that an individual should not be forced to compromise their legal rights because they cannot afford a high priced attorney. Therefore, Lafayette looks to provide individuals with high quality legal representation at an affordable cost. "Fighting for your rights is as important to me, as it is to you"

Violent Crimes:

Violent Crimes An individual that is charged with a violent crime should contact The Newsome Firm right away to evaluate their possible options. A violent offense can have an ever lasting effect on a individual's life, including a felony record and a possible prison sentence. Due to the seriousness of this type of offense, it is highly recommended that a person hire a criminal defense attorney that will fight on their behalf. Please review the following violent crimes below and the penalties associated with them. Murder/Manslaughter, Assault, Kidnapping, Weapons Violations, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse

Property Crimes:

Property Crimes Arson Auto Theft Robbery Burglary Theft Criminal Trespass Shoplifting

Drug Crimes:

Drug Crimes Drug Manufacturing/Sales Drug Possession Drug Trafficking

Driving Under the Influence:

Driving Under the Influence 1st Time DUI 2nd Time DUI Extreme DUI Super Extreme DUI Aggravated DUI Underage DUI

Contact Us:

Contact Us 2942 N. 24th Street ​ Suite 107 Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 752-3333 (P) (602) 626-7125 (F) Monday - Friday 8:00 to 5:00

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