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Ayushakti provides best skin disorder ayurvedic treatment in Mumbai, India. We have a dedicated team of expert ayurvedic doctors provide an excellent services to all patients .


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Skin Deep: The Ayurvedic Philosophy Skin diseases are nothing but the extension of the underlying conditions in the body. According to Ayurveda what is visible to us is just the problem affecting the topmost layers of skin. In our body there are many layers of skin and all these layers of skin are nourished and supplied with nutrients by our body. Anything that affects the body in a particular way can affect the nourishment of our skin and lead to any number of skin conditions. Therefore simply treating skin conditions with creams and over- the-counter medicines will not solve the problem and the individual would have to go for opting Ayurvedic medicine for skin diseases. According to Ayurvedic skin treatment the cause of skin conditions is usually an improper diet/lifestyle. People tend to usually eat a lot of processed oily sugary food and also often food that is filled with unnecessary added chemicals and preservatives. Improper nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle lead to poor maintenance of a person ’s body constitution. This causes an imbalance of the three doshas in the body. The results of these imbalances especially the Pitta dosha seeps into the skin tissues leading to the skin conditions. Lack of knowledge of the right foods is the primary cause of the dosha imbalance existing in individuals. Ayurvedic treatment for skin works on three levels:- 1 Diet: Ayurvedic experts will analyze your food intake and point out bad food habits. Next they will evaluate the primary dosha aggravation that is causing the imbalance in your body. This would be followed by a dosha-specific diet that would help in bringing balance back into the body constitution. 2 Lifestyle: After analyzing your current lifestyle tips and guidelines will be suggested to make your body ready for maximum utilization of the new dietary habits. Taking walks performing Yoga are just some of the practices that Ayurveda recommends for a healthy body and healthier skin. 3 Topical Applications: Ayurveda knows food and plants inside-out and offers hundreds of combinations of the same that when applied with the right knowledge reduces the symptoms of the skin diseases significantly. Again these topical applications are only suitable for the symptoms of skin as the root cause of the skin diseases would be addressed mainly by the above two points. 4 Herbs: Herbs are one of the major tools of Ayurveda when it comes to detoxifying the body and bringing its status to optimal health. By taking advice from a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner one can use herbs to significantly reduce the disease-causing factors in the body. The birthplace of Ayurveda is in India and therefore the go-to destination to tackle skin disorders would be Ayurvedic treatment in India.

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