How to get relief from menopause and panic attacks?

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Menopause is a natural process which gets relief with Ayurvedic treatment. Yoga therapy can reduce the severity and frequency of hot flushes. Get menopause treatment with leading menopause Centre in Australia. More detail kindly visit our website


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What is Menopause?:

Menopause is not a disease, it is simply the time when menstruation and ovulation stops completely. The transition period typically from age 45 – 55 is a time of hormonal change known as perimenopause . Some common signs of menopause are irregular and lighter menstruation, vaginal dryness, drying and thinning of the skin and lowered libido. Although it is a perfectly natural process which does not need to be too uncomfortable, many women experience unpleasant symptoms brought on partly as a result of reducing levels of oestrogen and progesterone (among others), which cause them to turn to hormone use for menopause treatment. It is important however, to see the signs of menopause symptoms as the body’s call for help What is Menopause?


Signs of Menopause include the following: hot flushes, irregular periods, night sweats, digestive problems, insomnia, vaginal dryness, painful sex, urinary urgency and infections, loss of libido, fluid retention, mood swings, heart palpitations, depression & anxiety, lack of energy, itching, tingling skin, dry hair, migraine, joint pain, back pain, breast tenderness & swelling, skin thinning & drying, memory & concentration problems and candida. There is also menopause weight gain due to hormonal imbalance. WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF MENOPAUSE?


Menopause is associated with the midlife transition and the Vata stage of life – symptoms result from disturbance in the doshas and aggravation of pre-existing Vata imbalance. Symptoms are primarily of high Vata , however what signs of menopause a woman may experience will depend on her innate body constitution. Build- up of metabolic wastes ( ama ) can also clog the channels leading to the more extreme menopause symptoms. WHAT IS THE AYURVEDIC EXPLANATION OF MENOPAUSE?


As each woman is unique, your treatment program is prepared with close attention to individual dietary and lifestyle factors. Herbal combinations and menopause diet advice to strengthen and rejuvenate the female reproductive system, regulate the hormones and calm the emotions, together with gentle exercise regimes and breathing techniques all help to open up the body channels and improve transport of nutrients and hormones throughout the body. HOW CAN AYURVEDIC TREATMENT HELP ME?

Ayurvedic treatment for menopause:

Ayurvedic treatment for menopause

What it is Shatavari massage oil?::

Shatavari Body and Face Oil is a traditionally made infusion of pure Ayurvedic herbs in a base of black sesame oil . This facial oil can be used by all dosha types. Shatavari (Wild asparagus) is known in Ayurveda for maintaining firm, youthful skin, and sesame oil, the most esteemed seed oil in Ayurveda, is one of the best natural conditioners for the skin. Therefore we highly recommend this massage oil for dry skin, anti aging, wrinkles and total skin rejuvenation. What it is Shatavari massage oil?:

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