How to Start Your Own Business


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Here is the secret and an opportunity to start your own business and grow from Day 1


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Start Your Own Business :

Start Your Own Business Here is the secret and an opportunity to grow from Day 1:


Ayurshakha’s Franchise Model Invest INR 12000+ tax and enjoy benefits like: Start Selling 5000+ natural, herbal, organic and ayurvedic products of 100+ brands. Enjoy margins between 10% to 100%. Get an extra 1% to 10% Promo Code Income. Earn INR 500 as an extra Referral Income. Get an extra 1% of Royalty Income by introducing new brand or vendor to company.

Our Product Range Consists of::

Our Product Range Consists of: Lifestyle Wellness

1st Benefit to Yourself :

1 st Benefit to Yourself Let us assume you spend 20k every month on groceries, medications, personal care, fitness & daily need products. Just spend 25% of your total spend at i.e. INR 5k. On this INR 5k, you save average margins of 15% = INR 750/month After 1 year, Savings = INR 750*12 months= INR 9000 In 5 years, Savings = 9000*5 years = INR 45,000 So on average you will save INR 45,000 in our 5 years contract, without even selling a single product to anyone. Extra Benefits: Enjoy healthy lifestyle with herbal and organic products For medication you can have the best of ayurvedic products with comparison for yourself and family Better lifestyle products on best margins for your daily needs

2nd Benefit To You and Others:

2nd Benefit To You and Others If you will sell products of INR 50,000 per month. On an average you will get margin of 20%. You will earn 20% of 50,000 = INR 10,000 per month. In 1 year, you will earn 10,000*12 = INR 1,20,000 According to this data, after 5 years, your earning with Ayurshakha will be 1,20,000*5= INR 6 lacs , as a side business. Extra Benefits: Better health and personal care products to people. All the products listed with us are of national brands approved by Government of India, 100% natural, herbal and organic products. Online shopping saves time and no need to spend extra on commute. Huge discounts Natural and Herbal Range of Products are far better than refined ones .

We Deal With Brands Like:

We Deal With Brands Like

Steps to Register::

Steps to Register: Visit https:// or download Ayurshakha business app from Google Play or App Store. Fill the application form, upload documents and submit. Read the agreement and accept terms and conditions. Make Payment online. Confirmation mail will be sent to your registered ID with copy of agreement and login details. That’s all to start your business with us. For enquires : Call: 9876108881, 7986237130 Visit: Email: Follow Us : Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram :

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