Types & Causes Of Endocrine Disorder

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Know what is endocrine disorder. It's types and causes. For more details: http://www.fml-dubai.com/diagnostics-laboratory/


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Types & Causes Of Endocrine Disorder :

Types & Causes Of Endocrine Disorder

Endocrine system :

Endocrine system  It is a network of glands that produce and release hormones that help control many important body functions. This influences how your heart beats, how your bones and tissues grow, even your ability to make a baby.  Hormone related diseases such as  diabetes, thyroid disease, growth disorders, sexual dysfunction are due to disorder in endocrine system.

Why Tests For  Endocrine Disorders? :

Why Tests For  Endocrine Disorders? To measure the levels of various hormones in a patient's body To learn if the endocrine glands are working correctly To determine the cause of an endocrinological problem To confirm an earlier diagnosis

Disorder Causes:

Disorder Causes This disorder can be classified into two: Disease that results when a gland produces too much or too little of an endocrine hormone. Due to the development of lesions in the endocrine system. Most endocrine tumours and lumps are noncancerous. They usually do not spread to other parts of the body. 

Disorder Types :

Disorder Types  Diabetes is the most common endocrine disorder  and other disorders include: Insufficiency in adrenal Gigantism Hyperthyroidism Hypothyroidism Polycystic ovary syndrome  Precocious puberty

Testing for Endocrine Disorders:

Testing for Endocrine Disorders An endocrinologist may request the following tests. The endocrinology blood test depend on the specific gland involved. Blood and urine tests are done to check your hormone levels. This can help your doctors to determine if you have an endocrine disorder.   Imaging tests are done to help locate a nodule or tumour. These tests will be available in reputable testing laboratories in Dubai

Treating Endocrine Disorder:

Treating Endocrine Disorder Treatment of endocrine disorders can be complicated. For some there may be a curative treatment and for some there is treatment that will control the symptoms and prevent further problems from developing.  Many common endocrine problems cannot be cured but can be effectively treated with medication and/or lifestyle change.  For more details on testing endocrine disorder, visit: http://www.fml-dubai.com/diagnostics-laboratory/

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