Benefits of Outdoor Digital Billboards


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Billboard advertising is an effective way of outdoor advertising. Billboards are meant to be simple , creative and striking which provides greater traffic thereby giving potential customers.Know more at


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Benefits of Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising:

Benefits of Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising


Introduction Outdoor Advertising is one among the best business. There are different media for organizations to connect with the target audience and increase their sales. Billboards is the striking and popular forms of advertising. Digital billboard is comprised of a digital image and the images will be displayed within seconds. Technological advancements and lower costs of digital screen technology has spurred the acceptance of outdoor digital billboard advertising by companies and businesses.


Following are the Main 7 Benefits of Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising

specific times Display of ADS   :

specific times Display of ADS   Display time is a very important factor . Advertisement should be displayed at the right time of the day. Outdoor billboard companies ensure that the ads are put on the display at the right time. For example, evenings may be more appropriate for the latest movie online or on TV. You can capture people’s attention as they return home from a stressful day at work.

Savings in production costs :

Savings in production costs With digital billboards , you need not pay for hundreds of full-colour posters to be put up around the city or the country. Once the advertisement is created digitally, you can send as many copies as you want and, that too for free.

Shorter lead time and hence no waiting :

Shorter lead time and hence no waiting One of the major drawbacks of traditional billboards is that whenever new changes are to be incorporated in the advertisement; too much time is wasted for reprinting and reinstallation. But with digital, your ad is sent electronically to the screen and is uploaded within a very short time. As simple as that!

Difficult to ignore and highly effective :

Difficult to ignore and highly effective When driving down the road, let’s face it, bright and colourful lights catch our attention quickly. The continually changing text and eye-catching designs ensure maximum impact and wide exposure to your target audiences. Videos can also be used for advertising your products and services on digital billboards.

Multiple messages for the same company :

Multiple messages for the same company Imagine you have two events coming up, and you would like to promote both of them. However, you just need them to show up in one area. Digital billboards offer the luxury of advertising two different events consecutively, so you can advertise both of the events and still hit the same market. With traditional hoardings, only one event can be promoted at a time.

They are automatically illuminated :

They are automatically illuminated A major problem that people face is that the lights are too bright during the day which negatively affects the promotion. Digital billboards are fitted with light sensors, making the lights diminish during the day, and brighten up around evening time guaranteeing public attention throughout day and night.

Suitable for shorter campaigns :

Suitable for shorter campaigns Two weeks is the ideal period for an outdoor advertisement to be on display. However, there are circumstances when it might be more advantageous to run your ad for a shorter number of hours over a more extended period of time. Do you have a special offer every Sunday? You can exhibit your promotion every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and stop it when your offer ends on Sunday. This decreases potential 'wastage' (when your advertisement is less compelling), with more productive utilization of your budget.


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