Environmental Legislation and Role of Media

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Environmental Legislation and Role of Media:

Environmental Legislation and Role of Media Prof. Amit Saraf Elphinstone College, Mumbai

India is a “soft State”:

India is a “soft State” It has excellent environmental laws, but politics and/or corruption prevent their effective implementation. The result has been disastrous for our environment and hence for the economy too, as we are now seeing.

India’s environmental laws span more than a century:

India’s environmental laws span more than a century 1865 British take forest lands from princes 1927 Forest Act, amended 1980 1974 Water Act 1981 Air Act 1986 Environment Protection Act 1991 Coastal Regulation Zones

New Laws are moving from the general to Specifics:

New Laws are moving from the general to Specifics 1986 Environment Protection Act 1989 Hazardous Waste Rules 1998 Biomedical Waste Rules 1999 Rules for Recycled Plastics 1999 Fly Ash Notification 2000 Municipal Solid Waste Rules 2000 Battery Mgt & Handling Rules

Poor record of Environmental legislation in India:

Poor record of Environmental legislation in India Environmental Laws are not EFFECTIVE Ban on Plastic Bags in Mumbai (rampant use despite ban) Separation of Wet & Dry garbage (Hardly followed in practice) Inundation of forest/mangrove/salt pans (Rapid urbanization/ Industralisation evading laws)

Poor record of Environmental legislation in India:

Poor record of Environmental legislation in India Legislation is not the only remedy for Environmental Problems Public Awareness & participation can lead to effective solution for environmental issues Suitable use of Media can help us achieve it.

Why the need for Media???:

Why the need for Media??? Environmental education Public awareness and participation Motivation and Mobilizing people's participation for preservation and conservation of environment.

Channels of communication:

Channels of communication Print Media Broadcast Media Electronic media Community communicators such as voluntary organizations (NGOs) Action groups to promote environmental awareness among the masses.

Print Media:

Print Media Newspaper articles, sections, columns Advertisements in the Public Interest Magazines Enviro News ( MoEF ) Down to Earth (Centre for Sci. & Environ.) Research Publication

Broadcast Media:

Broadcast Media Documentary Short Films Case studies Environmental Campaign NDTV -Toyota Green Campaign (Greenathon)

NDTV-Toyota Green Campaign:

NDTV -Toyota Green Campaign Launched in April 2008, the NDTV -Toyota Green campaign was India’s first ever-nationwide campaign to save the environment . The campaign is aimed at creating awareness about environmental issues by involving the people of our country to make a difference.

Greenathon-1 (2008):

Greenathon-1 (2008) THE GREENATHON, a fundraising event that brought in people to donate money to support TERI’s initiative Lighting a Billion Lives which aims at providing solar power to villages without electricity. Funded solar lanterns for over 600 villages benefitting thousands of households.


Greenathon-2 Milind Soman ran 100 km in 24 hours Cycle the Electric Pedal received an overwhelming response from Bollywood stars, corporate and the common man to raise Rs . 3.92 crore Clean-up drives at the Elliott Beach in Chennai, Dal Lake in Srinagar and Gomti River in Lucknow ; Tree plantation and sapling giveaway drives in various metros


Greenathon-3 The NDTV -Toyota Greenathon 3 enthusiastically participated in the movement, by involving millions of people from across the globe in building an environment conscious society. Expanded its reach internationally, with Greenathon hubs in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Sydney Greenathon 3 raised over Rs 11 crore


Greenathon-4 Milind Soman’s 1500 km run in 30 days (World Record) In an attempt to mobilise a mass movement, plastic/recyclable waste collection centres were set up across New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Phagwara (Punjab), Dharamshala and Nainital .

Aircel: 'Strokes for Stripes':

Aircel : 'Strokes for Stripes' Aircel unveiled 'Save our Tigers' calendar 2013 Aircel tied up with Galerie Art Eterne, to mobilize the art world. Art work of 16 artists culminated in shaping the calender

Electronic Media:

Electronic Media Widespread use & deeper penetration of social networking sites is the most effective way to spread awareness about environment Increasing use of e-mails, sms has reduced the use of Printing Paper More popular among younger generation and urban population

Community communicators (NGO) :

Community communicators (NGO) Debates & Discussion Road Plays Rallies Observation of Day’s to create awareness Environmental Day (5 th June) Science Day (28 th Feb)

Action groups:

Action groups The Chipko Movement Pani Panchayat Mahila Mangal Dal Vankar Cooperatives Gram mandal

Environmental Information System (ENVIS):

Environmental Information System ( ENVIS ) ENVIS is a decentralised system using the distributed network of data bases to ensure integration of national efforts in environmental information collection, storage, retrieval. Dissemination of information to concerned including policy planners, decision makers, research workers and the public. Consists of 78 network partners, known as ENVIS Centres on diverse areas of environment

Environmental Communication:

Environmental Communication The crux of environmental communication is to convince people that there are a number of problems that need urgent attention.

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