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Today’s Lecture:

Building Construction I Building materials & Construction Today’s Lecture Monday 3 rd Oct. 2011 08:00-9:45 am “Building Construction I ”

Lecture Outlines (L-3):

Building Construction I Lecture Outlines (L-3) What is Building Construction? The Building Elements Building Materials Manufacturing of bricks Bricks, Types and Boding Properties of bricks

Building C0nstruction ”تشييد مباني“ :

Building Construction I Building C0nstruction ”تشييد مباني“ What is Building Construction? Building construction is how the building is made or erected. It relates to the different types of building materials, their properties and how they are put together as building elements.

Building Elements:

Building Construction I Any building consist of elements which could either be structural or non structural. Buildings mainly consist of the following elements: - Foundations - Walls or frames - Floors - Roofs - Finishing's - Services Building Elements

Main Building Materials:

Building Construction I Main Building Materials Main Building materials A wide range of building materials is available. In general it include the following: - Bricks - stone - Mud - Timber - Concrete - Metallic materials


Building Construction I Bricks A brick is a small block of burnt clay of such a size that it can be conveniently held in one hand. It's length is twice it's width (. The length of the brick is known as stretcher face while the width is known as header. The usual size of a brick is : 220x110x65 mm. w d header stretcher BRICKS L


Building Construction I Manufacturing of Bricks Brick is one of the most ancient building material known to man. Brick has got an age of 6000 years and more, ( As sun backed bricks during Sumerian, Caledonian, Egyptian and Roman). Bricks were used in all ages and shall continue to be used in the future because of their availability , Cheap price , and because they are easy to build with. Brick Developed from that sun dried units to the factory made bricks. The manufacturing process involves selection of clay or shales, then grinding the soil, mixing the grains, molding, drying and firing. The degree of burning dictates the strength and classification of bricks BRICKS


Building Construction I Manufacturing of Bricks BRICKS

Bricks … Continued:

Building Construction I Brick classification تصنيف الطوب Brick is classified into 5 main types : 1- common Bricks They are sufficiently hard to carry loads. They have a dull texture and poor colour therefore they are not used as facing bricks . 2- Stocks These are manufactured from Clay mixed with Sand and Alumina to which some chalk is added . 3- Facing bricks They should have a pleasant appearance & a good texture. They are made from burnt clay or cement, to bear normal loads and to withstand effects of rain, wind, heat and frost. They are usually wire cut. Bricks … Continued

Bricks … Continued:

Building Construction I Bricks … Continued 4- Engineering bricks These are made from selected clay carefully prepared by crushing then it is carefully mixed and burned in kilns or factory. 5- Semi Engineering Bricks This type is harder than most ordinary bricks but not as hard as Engineering bricks.

Bricks …Continued:

Building Construction I Brick Bonding Bonding of bricks is the way in which bricks are laid to make a wall. Bricks are usually laid in courses each across the other. Stretcher Bond It is the way bricks are laid on bed showing the stretcher face of the brick throughout all courses in a wall.( Fig.1) Header Bond It is the way bricks are laid on bed showing the header face of the brick throughout all courses in a wall. (Fig.2) Bricks …Continued

Bricks …Continued:

Building Construction I Fig.1 Stretcher Bond Bricks …Continued

Bricks …Continued:

Building Construction I Fig.2 Header Bond Bricks …Continued

Bricks …Continued:

Building Construction I The basic arrangement of brick for bonding is to replace a header bonded course over and under a stretcher bonded course(Fig 3). The set of brick is known as a course and every four courses are called a cadge (Fig 4). Bricks …Continued

Bricks …Continued:

Building Construction I Bricks …Continued The brick can be cut to many parts and every part has a special name, shape and function

Bricks …Continued:

Building Construction I Bricks …Continued BUILDING CONSTRUCTION PRACTICAL No. 1 To scale 1:5 draw the isometric of the following: 1- The standard clay brick. 2- The basic arrangement of brick for bonding. 3- The stretcher bond. 4- The header bond .

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