Religious Knowledge Systems

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Priscilla & Harrison


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Religious Knowledge Systems :

Religious Knowledge Systems By: Harrison Anderson & Priscilla Pham

What is the area of knowledge about?:

What is the area of knowledge about? This area of knowledge is about Religion. Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power.

Question 2::

Question 2: A practical problem that can be solved is that everyone that is religious wants to behave correctly because they want to “ go to heaven” . SO … the more people that is religious the less crime we would have.

Question 3::

Question 3: The reason religion is such a important area of knowledge is because religion regulates behavior and teaches self sufficiency.

Question 4::

Question 4: Perception, Reason, and Memory are 3 ways that connects to religion.


Perception Perception connects to religion because religion affects the way we see things. For example: when you’re religious, you have different thoughts on abortion. The way you see it is different.


Reason Reason connects to religion because of the way you see things, and the way you comprehend because of the god you believe in. For example: People have reasons why they believe abortion is okay or not, depending on what your religion is. Some religion doesn’t allow it, and some does.


Memory Memory connects to religion because you have to memorize scriptures and what you have to follow. For example: you have to study and memorize what’s in the bible.

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