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What if Martin Luther King Jr. was never born?:

By: Harrison Anderson and Priscilla Pham What if Martin Luther King Jr. was never born?

Background… :

Background… Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. He was the leader of the African American Civil Rights movement. He made a big part of history from his “I have a dream” speech, not only gave African American people hope, but it also made the Caucasians realize that everyone should be treated fairly.

What if..:

What if.. Alberta Williams King and Martin Luther King Sr. never met?


Then.. Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta Williams King both wouldn’t have went to Boston college. Then Martin Luther King Jr. would’ve never been born.


E ffects If Martin Luther King Jr. was never born then the African American Civil Right movement would have not been the same, and a possibility that the campaign of racial equality would’ve had a longer delay.


Effects We wouldn’t have Martin Luther King Jr. Speech, and we wouldn’t have the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.


Effects African Americans wouldn’t have Firebombed businesses and anything that reflected on white racism. Caucasians wouldn’t realize how wrong racism is.

What would it be like today?:

What would it be like today? Racism would eventually stop but not completely. There would probably be more racism still going on around the world because no one would’ve had the experience of the “I had a dream” speech.

R.I.P MLK Jr.:



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