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This document explains everything from data collection definition to different tools used to collect data with examples. Read how advanced data collection methods are making a difference in today’s fast-paced business world. The data collection process is not just very crucial in market research, but it has its importance in day-to-day processes of business like audit, field services, inspection, investigation, incident-reporting, and more. A survey company might run a data collection project to record customer response of a newly-launched beverage. The data gets analyzed later to find out if the customers like the beverage or not. Whereas, a facility management company might collect data while conducting a routine inspection at one of their client premises. Read More… Schedule your Quick Demo Now:-


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Best Data Collection App for Android and IPad As a CTO I want the best for my company and after many options I have found one. Read to know more...

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There’s one and I tell you It’s way better than Google Forms.

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The data collection process is not just very crucial in market research but it has its importance in day-to-day processes of business like audit field services inspection investigation incident-reporting and more.

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Check Axonator - It’s one cool online platform that allows you to build data collection apps.

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You don’t need any kind of coding to build an app - all you need to do is drag drop.

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Once you complete building a data collection app - you can hit publish. The app that you created will be available for use on Play Store App Store - Android iOS-compatible.

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It’s easy as pie. Now let me tell you why it’s one of the best data collection tools out there in the market

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Did you know that Axonator can allow you to collect data from a mobile device even when you are offline

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This data collection app allows the data collected to be synchronized when there is an internet connection.

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Imagine that you are on field collecting data through the mobile app the moment you collect data and hit submit - it reaches the intended user. The intended user could be your manager customer colleague etc. - who now has access to real-time data.

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Collect rich data audio video images - annotate them. Capture data faster with the help of QR barcode scanner.

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Not just this -it can allow you to create workflows. Wonder how it works You have collected data and submitted it - upon which the manager gets a request to review the data instantaneously on his mobile.

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He reviews the data and approves it - when he clicks ‘approved’ the task is automatically assigned to the next concerned team member to act upon.

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What more As soon as the task is done the report is generated and sent to the decision-maker/stakehold ers etc.

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It is interesting to note that data collection software can be even more than that - there are businesses who are deploying advanced analytics and intelligence.

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Analytics help enterprises because they are able to not just collect the data but also learn from the data - Take corrective and preventive actions.

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Axonator can even be integrated with other legacy systems or platforms like SAP Salesforce PeopleSoft Zapier Google Drive etc.

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Cloud Data Storage Cloud technology safeguards the data at all times. Data can be accessed easily.

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Benefits of Axonator

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1. Boost in productivity 2. Elimination of manual erroneous and time-consuming paper-based process. 3. Increase in efficiency and accuracy.

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More Benefits... 1. Reduced overheads. 2. More focus on strategic decision-making. 3. Automation leading to better business revenue opportunities.

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We have 10000+ custom Build Apps. These apps can be further customized to the extent that they exactly match your processes and business demands with no extra cost.

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These Apps will be just for your Company. Not for 1000s others.

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You don’t have to mend your processes. Axonator can be tailor-made to fit your needs.

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Get in touch with us on We will show you how Axonator can be a right fit in your business

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