Benefits of custom mobile app development for process automation

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Benefits of custom mobile app development for process automation As a CTO I want the best for my company and after many options I have found one. Read to know more...

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What is Custom Mobile App

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Custom mobile applications are templates which are prebuild and changes are done according to your business needs.

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So you don’t have to worry about altering your processes. You can make them functional exactly the way you want.

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Why I choose Custom Mobile App

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The Answer is very simple :- Cheap Fully functional and less time consuming for implementation. But wait there is a Catch.

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Don’t get Confused between Predefined and Custom

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There are many softwares in the market which are predefined and some are custom.

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Predefined means those softwares which are manufactured for 1000s of other businesses out there.

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It won’t be the perfect fit for you since there will be features that you need there will be some that you don’t need at all.

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Custom build Platforms

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Platform that allow building custom apps which are agile enough to accommodate changes at any point in time even further

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These Apps will be just for your Company. Not for 1000s others.

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Lets Compare custom build app v/s Predefine App.

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Cost:- What do you think

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No business would make a decision without considering the cost factors. After all every investment should make a business sense shouldn’t it

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Getting a predefined app will cost you extra for features you even don’t need.

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It might cross 100000 easily and need 6-8 months to be completed.

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Custom-built apps are way cheaper than getting software developed from an app development company.

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Data Security

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Just imagine you are using software that is being used by so many of the business firms.

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Will the data be safe with such a software or would it be safer with an application that you custom-built just for your business

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Lets assume that predefined app solves all your business problems but six months down the line if your business dynamics change.

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The software will need a rebuild or update because it is not agile enough to accommodate changes. Which need extra Cash from your pocket.

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Best Option Custom Mobile builder

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Why not start with Custom App with Cost:- Half the Budget Fully functional less time consuming for implementation And many more...

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Best Option Axonator

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So Axonator is one of the most promising platforms to build mobile apps without writing any code. Just drag and drop widgets to build mobile apps

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Get in touch with us on We will show you how Axonator can be a right fit in your business

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You don’t have to mend your processes. Axonator can be tailor-made to fit your needs.

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