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Axim Mica is a world class manufacturer and supplier of thermal and dielectric products including mica sheet, mica tubes, ceramics and Teflon. Contact today to know more about Axim Mica – Mica Sheet Suppliers!


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High Performance Mica Sheets Supplier

Axim Mica:

Axim Mica AXIM MICA specializes in high temperature thermal and dielectric products, such as mica, ceramics and Teflon in tubes, tapes, washers, sheets, paper and custom fabricated parts.

Axim Mica’s Mica Properties:

Axim Mica’s Mica Properties Muscovite and phlogopite are the most commercially significant micas that have several uses. Due to the unique combination of physical, chemical and thermal properties, low power loss factor, dielectric constant and dielectric strength, Mica is precious in the electric industry.

Axim Mica’s Products:

Axim Mica’s Products Mica Sheets Mica Gaskets Mica For Research Microscopy Lampshade Mica Flexible Mica Composites Mica Tubes Stove mica windows Ceramics Mica cable tape Mica washers Mica commutators Teflon Mica slip plane Fabricated mica parts Mica flakes & powder Ceramic fiber blanke ts

Why Axim Mica?:

Why Axim Mica? Axim Mica always ready to complete customer’s requirements, on-time deliveries and continual improvements of products and services manufactured. Axim Mica offers high quality products at an affordable price.

Get in Touch With Us:

Get in Touch With Us If you want to know more about Axim Mica and its products then click on: http://aximmica.com/ OR Visit: 105 North Gold Drive Robbinsville , NJ 08691

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