ControlPoint Introduction


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Introduction to ControlPoint, the most powerful administration tool available for Microsoft SharePoint


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Got SharePoint?

Slide 2: 

Is managing it driving you nuts?

Slide 3: 

Or are you even managing it at all? P.S.…we won’t tell on you

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“Unfortunately, as you grow very large SharePoint environments, the controls that enterprises would want to see simply don't exist natively within the platform.” You’re not alone

Slide 5: 

Firms are just realizing they need SharePoint management…

Slide 6: 

But you probably don’t need us to tell you that

Slide 7: 

So hey, good news We can help

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So if you are looking to… Manage Permissions

Slide 9: 

Or you are looking to… Manage SharePoint Sites

Slide 10: 

Or you are looking to… Clean Up Accounts

Slide 11: 

Or you are looking to… Analyze your SharePoint Usage

Slide 12: 

Or you are looking to… Identify Problem Sites

Slide 13: 

Or you are looking to… Plan for your growth of your farm

Slide 14: 

Or you are looking to… Analyze Your SharePoint Trends and Patterns

Slide 15: 

Then check out ControlPoint

Slide 16: 

With ControlPoint, You can do all of these WOW! Manage permissions Manage sites Clean up accounts Analyze usage Identify problem sites Plan for growth Analyze trends

Slide 17: 

So check out ControlPoint, the leading administration solution for SharePoint

Slide 18: 

You’ll be glad you did

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