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How Can Pastors Blog?10 Tips for Ministry Blogging : 

How Can Pastors Blog?10 Tips for Ministry Blogging by Lynette Hawkins beyond marketing group, inc. AWESOME INSIGHT

Blogs Are… : 

Blogs Are… Online Journals A Way to Share Your Faith with the Community

What Can Blogs Do? : 

What Can Blogs Do? MEET People On Their Walk CONNECT to Community & Members BUILD RELATIONSHIPS TEACH & INSPIRE People Who May Be Lost EXPLORE Sermon Topics

Tip#1 : 

Tip#1 Write with a TARGET AUDIENCE in mind

Tip# 2 : 

Tip# 2 Share CONTENT That MATTERS Writings Book Reviews Interviews Articles Video

Tip# 3 : 

Tip# 3 Create an ENGAGING HEADLINE Inspiring Thought Top 10 Lists Recent Sermon Topic How To…

Tip# 4 : 

Tip# 4 Speak with a more PERSONAL TOUCH Your hobbies Your passion Your faith Like having a cup of coffee with a friend

Tip# 5 : 

Tip# 5 Show Your SENSE of HUMOR

Tip# 6 : 

Tip# 6 LINK to …. Other websites Blogs Video/Podcasts Relevant articles Inspirational messages

Tip# 7 : 

Tip# 7 K.I.S. Keep It Simple Write Short posts Frequently In everyday language With consistency

Tip# 8 : 

Tip# 8 ? ? ? Ask QUESTIONS for Feedback What are your thoughts? How do you feel about that? Why?

Tip# 9 : 

Tip# 9 PROOF Read Check Spelling Grammar Information Accuracy

Tip# 10 : 

Tip# 10 Be VISIBLE Announce on Church Website Tag with Keywords Refer to Blog Comments Share in Bulletin, Newsletter How Will People Find Your Blog Article?

beyond marketing group, inc.AWESOME INSIGHT : 

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