How to Train Church Ushers


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Are you looking at ways to train church ushers? Here's a snapshot of 3 steps to help ushers realize their role in welcoming. For more information, contact the Hospitality coach at


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How to Train Church ushers!:

Prepared by Lynette Hawkins Hospitality Coach How to Train Church ushers! 1

Introduction…Who We are:

Practical coaching on communications and hospitality Author of Make Room to Welcome DVD & The A.R.K. Report Introduction …Who We are 2 Lynette Hawkins

PowerPoint Presentation:

3 Create A Welcoming Image!

What Makes Up Your Church’s Image?:

What Makes Up Your Church’s Image? 4 Every point of contact for your church impacts the image.

First 6 Minutes!:

First 6 Minutes! 5

PowerPoint Presentation:

6 Research shows that people make up their mind whether they would ever return to a church before the pastor gets up to preach .


Ushers…. 7 What happens during the first six minutes ?

Where does the usher & greeter fit in?:

Where does the usher & greeter fit in? 8

How to Train ushers:

How to Train ushers 9 Position ushers as a ministry Create a Hospitality Mindset Communicate!

Step One: :

10 Step One: Position Ushers as a Ministry.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Encourage a consistent prayer life. 11

PowerPoint Presentation: 12 Focus training on the Various Places Hospitality is in the Bible Example: Romans 12:13

Step Two::

13 Step Two: Create A Hospitality Mindset!

PowerPoint Presentation:

14 Say GUESTS Instead of Visitors

Step Three::

Step Three: Communicate Regularly 15

Communicate ● COMMUNICATE!:

Communicate ● COMMUNICATE! Set a vision for the usher ministry Share the vision with every usher Communicate Usher expectations How to usher Schedule Changes in schedule Special features for a worship service 16

For more assistance:

For more assistance 17

New e-BOOK! :

. In this e-Book: Learn how eye contact, facial expressions and body gestures matter. Uncover the 4 things ushers can do to communicate welcome! See 10 Reasons Why First time Visitors May Not Return New e -BOOK ! 18

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