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presentation about my research on Flocabubulary and web quests


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Do Flocabulary© and web quests affect reading achievement?:

Do Flocabulary © and web quests affect reading achievement? Amanda Walker Kennesaw State University

Context and Background:

Context and Background Reading is vital to education Technology usage should enhance teacher instruction

Why is this important?:

Why is this important?

Research Question:

Research Question Do Flocabulary © and web quests affect reading achievement?

School Profile:

School Profile 55% white 21% Hispanic 13% African American 6% Asian 5% multi-racial


Studies How technology has impacted students labeled “at risk” Laptops, computers, AT devices can all be used to enhance reading instruction Technology must be engaging, appropriate, and challenging


Methodology Pre- and post- assessments Reading attitude survey Reading interest survey Observations Student interviews

Reading Interest Survey:

Reading Interest Survey

Reading Attitude Survey:

Reading Attitude Survey

What will be done with this?:

What will be done with this? Base future instruction Possibly implement more or different technology usage Move towards more student interaction in learning

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