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Third World Water Forum Secretariat of The Third World Water Forum


1st Forum March 1997, in Marrakech, Morocco 500 participants from 63 countries Marrakech Declaration : to develop the “World Water Vision” World Water Forum 2nd Forum March 2000, in The Hague, The Netherlands -5,700 participants from 156 countries and 600 journalists -87 regional, sectoral and special sessions -Announcement of “World Water Vision”


3rd World Water Forum Open Forum Forum for Actions & Commitments Forum created by all the participants Policy


3rd World Water Forum Forum Framework


World Water Flows to Kyoto, Shiga & Osaka March 2003 Int’l Year of Freshwater UN-Day for Water 3rd World Water Forum


Shiga Kyoto 15 min by bullet train Forum Site to Site Osaka 10 min by local train Kyoto Station Kyoto International Conference Hall Takaragaike Prince Hotel Osaka International Conference Hall Otsu Prince Hotel Biwako Hall 10 - 15 min by Shuttle bus 20 min by City subway/bus Otsu Station Shin Osaka Station 30 min by Shuttle bus


Kyoto International Conference Hall & Kyoto Takaragaike Prince Hotel


Osaka International Convention Center - Grand Cube Osaka - Osaka day in March 18 and 19, 2003


Biwako Hall & Ohtsu Prince Hotel Shiga day in March 20 and 21, 2003


Water Dome in Johannesburg Introduction of WWF3 Draft Agenda Exhibition Side Events “No Water No Future” 28th August – 3rd September, 2002


Major Themes and Regions


Water and Climate


Coordinators Coordinating sessions in the theme Organizing the plenary sessions Drafting the statement to Ministerial Conference Role of Coordinators Coordinators for each 31 Themes & 5 Regions


Coordinators in the theme of Water & Climate Dialogue on Water and Climate US Global Water Cycle Programe NASDA, Japan and NASA, USA IUCN – The World Conservation Union Nagoya Case Study Team, Japan People’s Forum on Water AGID, IAH and GWI The Network “Earth Village” Asian Development Bank Secretariat Liaison Officer Toshio OKAZUMI 10 sessions and 2 plenary sessions are allocated to this theme


Greater Nagoya Area Dialogue Area East Asia - Monsoon Climate Greater Nagoya Area record heavy rain and devastating flood (Sep. 2000) - frequent drought Maximum value of daily rainfall in record (Sep. 2000, Nagoya)


Greater Nagoya Area


Basic Structure for Each Theme Opening Plenary Closing Plenary Parallel Sessions 2h00m 2h45m 1h30m 2h45m 2h45m


Kyoto International Conference Hall & Kyoto Takaragaike Prince Hotel


Kyoto International Conference Hall


Main Hall


Room A Room B-1 Room C-1


Event Hall


Stakeholder Center Convenor’s Booth Poster Display Stage Performance Workshop space Free Working Space   Information Desk     PC Corner Venue: “Event Hall” of the Kyoto International    Conference Hall 3,000㎡     (+ Adjoining Outside Tent 1,500㎡)     


Future Schedule 3rd Announcement Start the registration for participants ! Coordinators’ & Conveners’ Meeting September 3 November 23, 24 December Final Program 3rd World Water Forum March, 2003


March 22 & 23, 2003 Outline of Ministerial Conference Ministerial Conference Senior Official’s Meeting March 20 & 21, 2003 Brain Storming Session : Co-organized by Japanese Government & WWF3

Preparatory Process for MC: 

Sep. 2002 Kick-Off Meeting (Johannesburg) Nov. 2002 International Preparatory Committee (IPC-1) Jan. 2003 International Preparatory Committee (IPC-2) March, 2003 Senior Officials Meeting (Kyoto) March, 2003 Ministerial Conference (Kyoto) Dialogue between Forum Participants and Ministers (March 21, 2003) 19-20 22-23 Preparatory Process for MC Input from the themes, VWF, WV Input from the themes, VWF, WV Input from the themes, VWF, WV


Water and poor Water in Megacity Database on the World Water Flood Water Pollution Dispute on Water Food and Environment Water and Sanitation ・・・・・ ・・・・・


As of September 14 2002 Participants: 4010 persons (140 countries) Sessions: 146 -> Official Registration 108 sessions (75%) Virtual Water Forum: VWF


Water Voice Messenger Project 3rd World Water Forum March 16 – 23, 2003


Registered messengers: 1,511 “Water Voice”: 5,403 International organization : 14 Institute : 44 Government: 23 International NGO : 22 National NGO : 25 Others : 6 Total  134  (As of Aug. 29) Partner Organization Total Expected messengers 25,000 Water Voice Messenger Project


Public Relations BBC, CNN, Newsletter, Press release CNN World News BBC World “Earth Report” “Sink or Surf” Nov, 2001 “Land of Rising Water” June 2002 “Not a Dirty Word” July 2002 6 more programs will be televised until March 2003


“Water and Culture, Water and Civilization” Theme: Kyoto Traditional Industrial Art Crafts: Kimono, Tofu, Sake, Tea, Flower etc Water and Culture, History New Technology in Kyoto         Date: March 21 – 23 (3 days) Venue : Kyoto international Exhibition Hall “Mizu-en 2003 in Kyoto” (Kyoto Site)


“Water and Nature” Theme: “Message for the Future” Date: March 19 – 21 (3 days) “Biwako Water Fair” (Shiga Site) Venue : Prefecture Gymnasium “NPOs’ Communication” Piazza Omi Nagisa Park “Citizens’ Participation”


Date: July 2002 – March 2003 “Basin wide Events” Venue: Lake Biwa and the Yodo River Basin Junior River School & Symposium Navigation Festival Clean the Yodo River Campaign Water Pi-jaw Aqua Renaissance 2003


Excursions Technical Tours Sightseeing Accompanying Person’s Program Visit the water-related facilities Visit the famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto, Shiga, Osaka and Nara Introduces various Japanese traditional cultures


179 days to GO to The 3rd World Water Forum We look forward to seeing you in March http://www.worldwaterforum.org

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