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N6 OPTICON Telescope Network: 

N6 OPTICON Telescope Network WP1 Telescope Directors Forum WP2 Transnational Access Office WP3 Enhancing Research

WP1 Director’s Forum: 

WP1 Director’s Forum The TDF is an expansion of the successful FP5 medium telescope working group It includes telescope directors from all 2m+ European telescopes with state of the art instrumentation. It meets at least annually at different observatory locations.

WP1 Director’s Forum: 

WP1 Director’s Forum Provides a forum for European strategic planning. Provides oversight of the OPTICON Trans-national Access programme. Creates new opportunities for local collaborations

WP1 Achievements: 

WP1 Achievements Survey of European telescopes and instrumentation plans Monitoring and adjustment of access programme. Review of WP2 (Access office) Peer Review process set up for entry of Aristarchos and Liverpool telescope.

WP1 Achievements : 

WP1 Achievements Visits to Rohzen, Wroclaw, Vienna, Prague, JENAM’s etc to promote access programme Opportunities for time swaps and closer collaboration in the future being identified.

WP1 Achievements: 

WP1 Achievements Northstar proposal system being expanded for Optical telescopes in conjunction with Radionet, increasing synergy across Europe and across the wavelength divide.

FP7 Plans: 

FP7 Plans Telescope directors are working on a new, more radical, access programme with more flexibility than existing contract and more emphasis on rationalisation of facilities. Common proposal tool development to continue as a first step towards closer integration. Possible vehicle for other telescope wide initiatives such as common TACs, e-star remote scheduling tool

E-Star Objectives: 

E-Star Objectives Simple access to distributed and heterogeneous observing facilities Making efficient use of OPTICON observing facilities Enabling rapid reaction to events Enabling rapid dissemination of time critical results


Partners EU MONET, Germany EUDOXOS, Greece ING, La Palma JAC, Hawaii Liverpool JMU, UK Companies Tuparev Technologies, Bulgaria Thales Google LCO-GT U.S.A. LANL NOAO Caltech


Deliverables Software Interfaces for telescopes systems OPTICON portal for requesting observations Transient event software (publish & subscription) Agent software (already funded) Operations Transient event feeds User support Archiving for event messages

Costs & Matched Funding: 

Costs & Matched Funding Costs 3 yr PDRA effort appropriate levels of hardware and travel support Matched Funding 1 yr PDRA effort from 1/1/09 from STFC

Current operations: 

Current operations JACH GRB follow-up programme on UKIRT Common user facility available to community Robonet-1.0 Hunting for exo-planets ESSENSE follow-up (LSST pre-cursor project) RAPTOR & LT OT follow-up programme HTN Consortium Standardisation work VO integration work VOEvent network Simple Time Access Protocol (STAP) services Public Outreach Google Sky

WP2. Access Office (IAC): 

General tasks Management the OPTICON Access Programme To produce budgetary estimates for User Fees, user travel and subsistence grants, operating costs and promotional material. Management of funds for the payment of travel and subsistence grants for the Trans-national Access programme. Maintain the website for the Access Programme Other activities to guarantee the most valuable implementation of the Access Programme: Impact and evolution of the programme, proposal submission systems, information and publicity of the Access Programme, etc. WP2. Access Office (IAC)


Specific tasks: Telescope Operators and Executive Committee Provide to the Executive Committee financial reports and reconciliations for the funds advanced for the Access Programme. Prepare reports for the Executive Committee and the Telescope Directors’ Forum. Assess the qualifying telescope time awarded and the consequent User Fees due to the telescopes Provide the administrative and technical support for the implementation of the Access Programme to the telescope operators. Monitor the implementation of the Access Programme by the individual telescope operators, Collect and provide to the Telescope Directors’ Forum detailed statistics about type and characteristics of observing runs supported under the Access Programme


Provide information to those eligible teams awarded observing time about this EC funding opportunity Receive, assess and adjudicate requests for travel and subsistence Maintain an auditable paper trail for the travel and subsistence payments made and the calculation of the user fees. Collection of scientific output, feedbacks and user questionnaires Specific tasks: Users


General publicity: participation in conferences, info days, meetings Announcements of opportunity OPTICON Access Website Handouts Activities


Evaluation of service provided 82 users questionnaires fulfilled (2004- 2006)


M1. Definition of the Access Office Work Scope M2 Annual reports to the Directors Forum Internal 18-months Review Report Progress reports to the Directors Forum Promote Access programme at IAU meeting in Prague Promote Access programme at JENAM2004 and JENAM2005 Analysis of procedures for awarding time Deliverables & Milestones Planned 2004 Yearly Achieved Yes Yes 2004, 2005 Each four-month period 2006 2005 2005


Plans for the future Promotion of the Access Programme. New promotional material Main international events Special promotion to Central and Eastern Europe Massive sending of a general advertisement of the Programme Scientific output. New section in the Access Website New actions to boost observers’ feedback Compilation of publications, conferences proceedings, etc in a report Minor improvements on management procedures. Survey to evaluate the OPTICON Access Programme website. New studies to analyse the impact of the access programme.

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