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The fine pixel pitch LED displays we put on sale at Shenzhen Avoe Hi-Tech Co. Ltd supports window stretch mode. Buying this rich pattern holding fine pixel pitch LED display units from our online store ensures you not only get superior performance at low cost but also got the ratio stretching feature enabled for the windows, can be enlarged and reduced if needed. Several windows can be superimposed at once! To check more benefits of our fine pixel pitch LED displays for you; visit here:


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Before knowing the reason to use Fine Pixel Pitch LED display first let us know what is Fine Pixel Pitch Fine Pixel Pitch is a way of measuring the quality of an image of a direct-view LED display. It refers to the distance between the centers of each pixel within an LED panel. Now let us look at some reasons why Fine Pixel Pitch is ideal for athletic facilities. Concessions Fine pixel pitch LED gives high-quality digital signage which makes it easier to change prices and food selections whenever necessary. Other than that dynamic photos animations and videos also appeal to customers. Why use Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display for athletics

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Trophy Rooms and Hall of Fame Visitors love watching trophy cases and reading about past sports achievements You can replace the placards with dynamic LED screens to give a better experience. Advertising Displays If you want Fine pitch LED display for advertising purpose then that is a good decision. It is already common in places such as airports. Such advertising displays can be installed and set up easily. Press Briefing rooms If you prefer to use Fine pixel pitch LED screens for your briefing room choose the one having a seamless high definition video display as it showcases crisp clear and even animated logos.

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Conclusion Fine Pixel Pitch LED display is suitable for an open area with a wide number of audiences. There are countless applications for modular fine pixel pitch screens. This versatility provides a customizable alternative to standard scoreboards and tiled LCD walls. CONTACT US SHEN ZHEN AVOE HI-TECH CO. LTD. Marketing Center Office: Fu Yue Commercial Building Nan Bo Road No. 1. Tang Wei Fu hai Street Bao an District Shen Zhen Guangdong China. 518103 Factory: 5/F Building F Wan Da Industrial Park Zhou Shi Road Shi Yan Town Bao An District Shen Zhen Guangdong China Tel: +86-755-2321 5401 E-mail: //

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